Photographer Who Sued Imgur Now Has a Pirate Bay Problem

Last month Seattle-based photographer Christopher Boffoli sued Imgur claiming the popular image hosting site had failed to remove a few dozen of his photos. Before the case gets well underway the photographer is facing a much bigger problem, as 20,754 of his photos are now being shared on The Pirate Bay.

U.S. Government Shuts Down Music Sharing Sites

The Department of Justice (DOJ) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) appear to be continuing with Operation in Our Sites. In recent days two large music sharing sites, and, were taken offline. Their domain names are now pointing to a prominent seizure banner.

Australians Face ‘Fines’ For Downloading Pirate Movies

The studio behind the Oscar-winning movie Dallas Buyers Club has initiated legal action to extract cash payments from Australian pirates who obtained the movie using BitTorrent. Perhaps surprisingly one of the ISPs targeted is iiNet, a company that takes a particularly dim view of this kind of activity and one…

Microsoft: We’ve Always Had Freemium, It’s Called Piracy

New comments from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella suggest that luring people in with zero-cost products is of great interest to the company. However, while services such as OneDrive are free with premium options by design, Nadella says Microsoft has long had a freemium business model, but one that was forced…

Kim Dotcom Must Reveal Everything He Owns to Hollywood

Kim Dotcom has failed in a bid to keep his personal finances a secret from Hollywood. They will now be revealed to the studios, but the public will remain in the dark. In a separate High Court ruling, Dotcom was refused a judicial review after being denied access to documents…