Google Scolds MPAA’s “Cozy” Anti-Piracy Lobby in Court

In a new filing at a Washington District Court, Google has called out the MPAA for its "cozy" relationship with the Mississippi General Attorney. In addition to helping him draft anti-piracy measures, Google highlights that the Hollywood group organized fundraisers, donated money, and sent rather jovial emails to the Attorney General's staff.

Organized Crime Police Raid ‘Pirate’ Android TV Box Sellers

Officers from a UK-based Regional Organized Crime Unit (ROCU), the Government Agency Intelligence Network (GAIN) and the Federation Against Copyright Theft have carried out more raids in pursuit of 'pirate' Android TV boxes. More than a thousand devices were seized in two locations this morning and at least two people…

French Magazine Fined €10,000 For Encouraging Piracy

The music industry has won a landmark ruling in France where a local magazine was fined €10,000 for showing readers how and where pirated films and music can be downloaded. The ruling is the first of its kind and serves as a warning to other publications that write about online…

Court Orders Namecheap to Identify Pirate Site Operator


Domain name registrar Namecheap has been ordered to hand over the personal and financial details of one of its customers who's suspected of operating the new Grooveshark website. The order comes after a request from the RIAA and is also directed at Cloudflare, Dynadot and Nodisto.

Cloudflare Reveals Pirate Site Locations in an Instant

In recent times its become common for 'pirate' sites to use U.S.-based Cloudflare as a 'shield' from the outside world and copyright holders in particular. However, as yet another torrent site learned this past week, Cloudflare is not only ineffective in this respect, but it will also lead anti-piracy companies…

Malwarebytes Offers Pirates Free “Amnesty” Keys


The widely used anti-malware application Malwarebytes is offering pirates a free 12 month upgrade under the newly launched "amnesty" program. The goal of the free upgrade is to replace the older key generation algorithm which could easily be abused.

Pirate Bay Founder Still Wants to Clear His Name


Last week Pirate Bay founder Gottfrid Svartholm lost his appeal against his hacking conviction in Denmark. With an August release potentially on the horizon but an unexpected situation still to be resolved in Sweden, Gottfrid is longing to get in front of a computer and back into the world of…