Rapidgator Wiped From Google’s Search Results, Again

Nearly all of file-hosting service Rapidgator's pages have been wiped from Google's search results, including many that don't link to infringing content. This is the second time that Rapidgator has been censored by mistake, and thus far the company has not been able to get the URLs reinstated.

Cricfree Bounces Back After UK Police Domain Seizure

This morning movie streaming portal Cricfree.tv had its domain name "seized" by UK Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit. Whether the intervention will prove to be very effective has yet to be seen, as the site is already back online using a new domain name.

‘Unbeatable’ Cinavia Anti-Piracy Technology Cracked by DVD-Ranger

Cinavia's anti-piracy technology has been a thorn in the side of many file-sharers, who are unable to play pirated files on their DVD-players without being interrupted by a warning message. In a breakthrough development, software vendor DVD-Ranger has cracked the protection, including for popular movies downloaded from pirate sites.

UK Police Shutdown File-Host Search Engine FileCrop

Continuing its attacks on file-sharing-related domains, the UK Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit has shut down its very first search engine. Following an earlier BPI request for it to be blocked by the country's ISPs, in the past few hours file-host search site FileCrop was shuttered as part of a…

Public BitTorrent Trackers Ban Piracy Monitoring Outfits

The three largest BitTorrent trackers have banned the IP-ranges of several major hosting companies. The move aims to make it harder for anti-piracy outfits and other information gathering outfits to snoop on file-sharers. Unfortunately, the changes also mean that users of some VPNs, proxies and seedboxes can no longer connect.

Kim Dotcom Fails in Bid to Suppress FBI Evidence

Kim Dotcom has lost his bid to have evidence held by the FBI against him kept a secret. The information , a 200-page document which includes a sampling of 22 million emails relevant to his extradition case, may now be made public. Efforts by Dotcom to gain access to government…

Open Source Chief at Redhat Hit With Bogus Copyright Claims

Bogus copyright claims on YouTube are getting more and more prevalent, but they only get exposure when they do damage to high-profile targets. Michael Tiemann is the Chief of Open Source Affairs at Redhat Inc. and apparently he can't use Creative Commons music in his uploads without being bombarded with…

Supreme Court Rejects Application of Pirate Bay’s Peter Sunde

The Swedish Supreme Court has rejected an application by Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde to have his case reopened. Based on new EU rulings, Sunde's legal team argued that he cannot be held responsible for copyright infringements carried out by users of The Pirate Bay, but the Court didn't see…

BitTorrent Network Mysteriously Doubles in Size, In a Week

German researchers have noticed an alarming development in the BitTorrent ecosystem. Since last week, the number of users on the BitTorrent DHT has doubled in size. The exact reason for the increase hasn't been confirmed, but all signs point to a bug in a recent uTorrent release.

Blizzard Sues StarCraft II Hackers for Copyright Infringement

Blizzard Entertainment is taking a stand against the programmers behind the popular Starcraft II “ValiantChaos MapHack” cheat. The game company has sued the hackers for copyright infringement and accuses them of ruining the Starcraft II gaming experience for legitimate players.

Sites to Be Blocked in Russia, Even if They Remove Pirate Content

Responding to copyright takedown requests is generally considered to be the best way for a user-generated content site to stay on the right side of the law. However, new copyright amendments being prepared by Russia's Ministry of Communications could see entire websites blocked by court order if experts believe their…

Hosting Provider Plagued by DDoS Attacks on Torrent Sites

Several torrent sites hosted at Genious Communications have been suffering from DDoS attacks of up to 30 gigabits per second. Thus far the identity of those behind the attacks remains a mystery, but the CEO of the hosting service isn't ruling out the involvement copyright watchdogs.