BitTorrent Sync Used to Create Decentralized Web Browser

With blocking currently a hot topic there are many looking towards technical solutions that can offer a robust publishing environment free of censorship. To that end a U.S.-based developer has unveiled an experimental decentralized web browser that aims to thwart such attacks, and excitingly it's running BitTorrent under the hood.

Antivirus Software Starts Blocking Pirate Websites

Popular Russian anti-virus vendor Dr. Web has rolled out a new feature that prevents users from visiting allegedly copyright infringing URLs. The company is accepting takedown requests from copyright holders, and blocking access to pirated files when claims are considered legitimate.

Google Heckled at MIDEM Over YouTube Ripping & Piracy

A Midem panel at the weekend resulted in an awkward few minutes for YouTube's Content Vice President. After an audience member asked Tom Pickett to explain why nothing is being done about YouTube to MP3 ripping sites, a light-hearted moment and resulting laughter only served to further raise temperatures.

Australia Breeds More Pirates by Locking Up Game of Thrones

Australian pay TV company Foxtel has signed a deal with HBO to become the exclusive provider for Game of Thrones. This means that the popular TV-show will not be available online through other channels such as iTunes, a decision that is likely to cause a new piracy surge.

ExtraTorrent Down Due to Connectivity Issues

ExtraTorrent, one of the most visited torrent sites on the Internet, is suffering from connectivity issues today. The site's domain name is not resolving In most parts of the world. One of the ExtraTorrent crew members says that the site is suffering from an ISP "blockade."

Sony Claims Hulu is Hosting a Pirated TV-Show

It's no secret that copyright holders are trying to take down as much "pirated" content as they can, but sometimes they go too far. In a recent DMCA notice, for example, Sony Pictures Television claims that Fox's hit show 'Almost Human' infringes on their copyrights.

UK Government Plans to “Ensure” That Google Hinders Online Piracy

Continued debate on the UK's Intellectual Property Bill has made it clear that Google and other tech companies are likely to be forced into dealing with the issue of online piracy. Three months after the Bill goes live the Secretary of State will be required to report back on proposals…

Google Refuses to Remove Links to Tarantino’s Leaked Script

This week Quentin Tarantino decided to sue Gawker after the site published a link to the filmmaker's leaked 'The Hateful Eight' script. In an attempt to make the screenplay harder to find the filmmaker also asked Google to remove several websites that linked to or wrote about it. Thus far,…

Wrongly Blocked Websites to Be Added to ISP Whitelist, UK Govt Says

The controversial website filtering systems operated by the UK's major Internet service providers have wrongfully blocked many sites, this one included, since their introduction in recent months. In response to the problem the government now says it will introduce a website white-list system so innocent domains aren't automatically blocked in…

Academics Launch Torrent Site to Share Papers and Datasets

Researchers from the University of Massachusetts have launched a torrent site which allows academics to share papers and datasets. AcademicTorrents provides researchers with a reliable and decentralized platform to share their work with peers, as well as the rest of the world. The site currently indexes over 1.5 petabytes of…