Flixtor Finds Anti-Piracy Investigator on Its Doorstep, Shuts Down

Flixtor, a popular Popcorn Time-inspired movie streaming application, has shut down after an investigator from the MPAA's Motion Picture Association Canada showed up on the developer's doorstep. The torrent search engine TorrentLookup.com, which was maintained by the same team, was also pulled offline voluntarily.

“No Piracy” Symbol Added to New Unicode Standard

The Unicode Consortium has just delivered its 7.0 update containing more than 250 new emoji characters. In addition to sending recipients what appears to be an extended middle finger, users will also be able to transmit an eyepatch-wearing individual declaring "no piracy". For balance, the skull and crossbones is also…

EZTV Users Help to Fund Horror Movie, and Open Source Another

EZTV users may download many TV-shows for free, but they are by no means cheapskates. A team of filmmakers from Laos recently noticed that nearly all traffic to their Indiegogo campaign came from the torrent site. As a token of their appreciation they have now offered to open source their…

Game of Thrones Season Finale Sets New Piracy Record

The season finale of Game of Thrones has set a brand new piracy record, with a quarter million people sharing a single file at the same time. During the first 12 hours roughly 1.5 million file-sharers downloaded a pirated copy of the popular show, a number that will swell to…

Movie Piracy Combated by Narrowing Theatrical Release Window

A key motivation for people to illegally download is the long gap between a movie's theatrical release and its debut through other channels. To tackle this problem in Australia the exclusive theatrical release window will soon begin to narrow from 120 to 90 days.

WordPress Demands $10,000 For DMCA Takedown Censorship

WordPress has had it with copyright holders who abuse the DMCA takedown process to censor perfectly legal content. Through a lawsuit they demand $10,000 in compensation to cover the damage they, and one of their users suffered through a false DMCA takedown notice.

UK Police: Enforcement Won’t Work Against Piracy

The Commissioner of City of London Police admitted this week that just 4% to 10% of sites shut down when contacted by the new Intellectual Property Crime Unit. Alongside odd comments about the threat of "BitNet" and Tor making up "90% of the Internet", Leppard noted that enforcement will not…

Vuze Torrent Client Condemns Piracy, Says It’s Stealing

Vuze, one of the most-used BitTorrent clients with millions of active users, is speaking out against piracy. The team behind the popular file-sharing software is urging their users not to "steal" from rightsholders. In addition, they encourage people to consider reporting illegal behavior.

Registrar Suspends Torrent Domain For DMCA Non-Compliance

A domain name registrar which received complaints that a torrent site wasn't handling copyright complaints correctly has suspended its domain. Internet.bs told the torrent index that it had no choice but to deactivate its domain otherwise it could be held liable for copyright infringements carried out on the site.

MPAA’s Chris Dodd Praises Pirate Site Blockades

This week, MPAA chief and former U.S. Senator Chris Dodd praised pirate site blockades as an important anti-piracy measure. Speaking at the IP Summit in London, Dodd said that ISP blockades are one of the most effective tools available. Does this mean that Hollywood will try to get these blacklists…