World’s ‘Most-Infringing’ Music Site Faces Legal Action

A music downloading website subjected to more Google takedown notices than any other in the past year has changed its business model following legal action. Google received 9.7 million notices for in the past 12 months alone, making the site the second largest all-time infringer according to the search…

Leaseweb Settles Piracy Hosting Lawsuit with Perfect 10

Megaupload's former hosting provider LeaseWeb has settled its copyright infringement lawsuit with Perfect 10. The adult magazine publisher accused the hosting company of providing services to several pirate sites, and demanded millions of dollars in damages. The terms of the settlement have not been disclosed.

Megaupload Cases Put on Hold, But Asset Freezing Still an Option

A United States District Court Judge has just granted Kim Dotcom's request to put the MPAA and RIAA civil actions against him on hold . The reprieve, which will last seven weeks, expressly allows the entertainment companies the freedom to freeze Dotcom's assets anywhere in the world if that is…

RIAA Revenue Drops to Record Low

The RIAA's latest tax filings reveal that the anti-piracy group's revenue has hit a record low as membership dues from record labels continue to decline. But despite the downward trend RIAA CEO Cary Sherman received nearly $500,000 in bonuses in addition to his million dollar salary.

Movie Chain Bans Google Glass Over Piracy Fears

The Alamo Drafthouse movie theater chain has banned Google Glass on fears they could be used for piracy. The company's CEO says a ban has been under consideration for some time, but now that the devices are being brought into their premises, the time is now right to permanently ban…

Rise Up Against Govt Anti-Piracy Plans, ISP Urges

An ISP that won a prolonged legal battle against a Hollywood-affiliated anti-piracy group has rejected plans to introduce three strikes and site blocking. Today, ISP iiNet is also urging citizens to pressure the government and fight back against the "foreign interests" attempting to dictate Australian policy.

Google Joins New Coalition to Stop Ad Revenue to Pirate Sites

An announcement later this week will confirm Google as a member of a new coalition to cut off "pirate" sites from their ad revenue. Following similar initiatives in the U.S. and UK, a Memorandum of Understanding between the online advertising industry and the music and movie industries in Italy will…

New Pirate Bay Blocking Battle Set For The Summer

A myriad of countries already block The Pirate Bay and if the anti-piracy group representing Hollywood's interests in Norway have anything to do with it, their territory will be next. With local ISPS refusing to cooperate voluntarily, the big decision will become the responsibility of the Oslo District Court after…

News Corp Wants Google to Implement Anti-Piracy Algorithms

Following in the footsteps of the movie and music industries, media conglomerate News Corp is now going after Google over the copyright infringement issue. Chief executive Robert Thomson urges Google to change its algorithms to demote and remove pirated content, to stop the ever increasing piracy rates.

Popcorn Time For Music Really Has To Be Pretty Epic

Popcorn Time for movies really shook things up earlier this year, so a comparable product for free music would also be huge, right? Well actually one exists already but it's just not having the same kind of impact. While pirates once easily had the upper hand with music, competing with…

MPAA: Consumer Right to Resell Online Videos Would Kill Innovation

The MPAA is concerned that innovation in the film industry will be ruined if consumers get the right to resell movies and other media purchased online. Responding to discussions in a congressional hearing this week, the MPAA warns that this move would limit consumer choices and kill innovation.