Huh? Google Crowns a New Pirate Bay

The official Pirate Bay website hasn't served any torrents for more than a month. While many users of the site are desperately waiting for its return, Google has already picked a new winner. Those who search for "Pirate Bay" will be directed to one of its copycats. Bing meanwhile, rightfully…

Chilling Effects DMCA Archive Censors Itself

The much-praised Chilling Effects DMCA archive has taken an unprecedented step by censoring its own website. Facing criticism from copyright holders, the organization decided to wipe its presence from all popular search engines. A telling example of how pressure from rightsholders causes a chilling effect on free speech.

Pirate Bay Investigation “Will Take Months” to Complete

Anyone expecting a swift conclusion to the current investigation into The Pirate Bay should stop holding their breath. According to prosecutor Fredrik Ingblad the process involves processing lots of evidence and will take many months to complete. But who else is on the prosecutor's radar?

MPAA Wants to Sue ‘Pirate’ Site Hosting Providers

The major movie studios are considering lawsuits against hosting providers in the U.S, and abroad. The MPAA specifically mentions the Dutch hoster LeaseWeb as a potential target, claiming that it frequently does business with pirate sites. LeaseWeb is surprised to be mentioned as a potential target and is not aware…

Canadian Piracy Notices: From Benign to Ridiculous

Canada's new piracy warning notice scheme is young but already controversial. With one relatively small ISP sending more than 3,000 notices every day, copyright trolls have quickly jumped on the bandwagon with their own brand of crazy. Other notices are much more benign - and users know it.

Leaked Oscar Movie Screeners Flood Torrent Sites

An unprecedented fast flood of leaked 'screener' copies of movies has hit torrent sites ahead of the official Oscar nominations announcement later this month. The latest Hobbit installment is proving most popular with over 500K downloads in the first 24 hours. None of the movies comes from a traditional 'scene'…

The Pirate Bay Sets Sail For Home Base…

With a new update to the site The Pirate Bay has added yet more mysterious hints to its uncertain future. The site suggests that it's sailing towards its home base, but to what end? An official statement from the TPB crew is expected to be released during the days to…

Anti-Piracy Firm ‘Caught’ Pirating News Articles

The Canadian based anti-piracy firm Canipre is known for hounding file-sharers with lawsuits and copyright infringement notices. Ironically, however, the company may want to start cleaning up its own house first as a blog affiliated with the company has been frequently "pirating" news articles.

VPN Services Consider Leaving Canada to Protect Customer Privacy

Last week Canada enacted an amendment to its copyright law which requires Internet services to retain access logs of customers in order to process piracy notices. This mandatory data retention puts the privacy of VPN users at risk, and as a result Canadian providers are considering pulling out of the…

Google Porn Takedowns Carpet Bomb Github

An anti-piracy company has caused Google to wrongfully remove dozens of Github project URLs. Acting on behalf of a porn company, Takedown Piracy asked the search giant to remove links to several projects including those owned by Facebook, Netflix, Yahoo and openSUSE.

PirateSnoop Browser Unblocks Torrent Sites

As the battle to block user access to the world's largest torrent sites continues, another website has stepped up to battle censorship. RARBG, one of the most-used torrent sites on the Internet, has just launched PirateSnoop, a free web browser designed to easily skirt web blockades. Shuts Down For Good

One of the oldest torrent sites on the Internet has permanently closed its doors. The private torrent tracker shut down due to "recent events," leaving a large community of dedicated users behind.