ISP’s “Three Strikes” Scheme is Weird and Broken

Eircom was one of the first ISPs in Europe to implement a voluntary "three strikes" anti-piracy program but strangely it's now hiding the prospect of disconnections from customers. Together with music group IFPI, they also fail heavily on the piracy education front.

Megaupload Programmer Sentenced to a Year in Prison

Andrus Nomm, one of the Megaupload employees indicted by the United States, has pleaded guilty and been sentenced to a year in prison. Nomm signed a plea deal and admitted that he personally downloaded copyright-infringing files from Mega's sites.

Pirate Bay Goes Down Again (Updated)

The Pirate Bay is down at the moment, causing a mild panic among many BitTorrent users. With the raid of last December fresh in mind some fear the worst, but as of yet there is no indication that the site has been hit again.

EURid Suspends TorrentShack Domain Name After Complaint

The popular private BitTorrent tracker TorrentShack has lost its .eu domain. The EURid registry suspended the domain following a complaint from a third-party over invalid WHOIS details. The complainnt most likely came from an entertainment industry group, but this hasn't yet been officially confirmed.

Torrent Sites Shut Down After Swedish Police Arrest Five

Following news last week that streaming portal DreamFilm had been shut down, Swedish police have confirmed several file-sharing related arrests. Noting that there had been "significant seizures", police say that two well-known torrent sites have been shut down and five arrested under suspicion of copyright-related offenses.

“Canada Remains A Safe Haven For Online Piracy”

The MPAA, RIAA and other entertainment industry groups keep hammering on Canada for its lacking anti-piracy enforcement. The groups label Canada a "safe haven" for both file-sharers and online pirate sites, and ask the U.S. Government to intervene.

BTDigg and BIllionUploads Disappear Without Trace (Updated)

Two popular sites in the file-sharing space have disappeared without warning. BTDigg, a specialist service indexing BitTorrent's Distributed Hash Table, has entirely vanished with no site available whatsoever. BillionUploads, a popular file-hosting site, indicates some kind of intentional shutdown, but offers no hope that users can retrieve their files.

VPN and TOR Ban Looming on the Horizon for Russia

Russia blocks websites on a very large-scale but citizens often circumvent those blocks using VPNs, TOR and other anonymizing tools. The country is now looking at ways of bringing this to an end, with Russia's main web-blocking body supporting a worrying proposal by a Russian MP to ban use of…

YouTube Flags Cat Purring as Copyright Infringing Music

YouTube's automated takedown tool is known for its flaws, but this week it crossed a line by attacking a purring cat. According to YouTube's Content-ID system both EMI Publishing and PRS own the rights to a 12 second purring loop. The cat in question, Phantom, has filed a dispute and…

Torrent Site: Copyright Troll Had Staff Access to Member Data

Empornium, one of the leading private torrent trackers for adult content, says it believes a copyright troll gained access to a staff moderation account and is now using obtained data to threaten its users. The revelations may shine light on why some Empornium users have received settlement threats with no…

File-Sharing Icon RapidShare Shuts Down

RapidShare, once the most popular file-hosting service in the Internet, has announced that it will shut down next month. The company doesn't cite a reason for the surprising shutdown, but losing the majority of its users in recent years after the implementation of tough anti-piracy measures is likely to be…