1,103 Megaupload Servers Gather Dust at Virginia Warehouse

Millions of users lost access to their personal files when Megaupload was raided, and there's little chance that they will have them returned in the near future. Despite efforts from both Megaupload and its former hosting company to negotiate a solution, the servers are still gathering dust in a Virginia…

Slysoft DVD Ripper Owner Found Guilty in Criminal Action

The owner of the company behind a suite of popular DVD ripping tools has lost his case against several large Hollywood studios and their technology partners. Slysoft owner Giancarla Bettini was found guilty of providing tools to circumvent AACS encryption and was fined $30,000. Failure to pay will result in…

Record Labels Sue Russian Facebook Over Large-Scale Piracy

After numerous warnings the music industry has run out of patience with vKontakte, Russia's equivalent of Facebook. Demanding more than $1 million in damages, this week Sony Music, Universal Music and Warner Music each filed separate lawsuits in Russia, accusing the social network site of facilitating large-scale copyright infringement.

Court Orders ISPs to Unblock “Pirate” Site

The Court of Appeals in Rome, Italy, has recalled a blocking order against the video streaming site Filmakerz.org, arguing that it was too broad. In its order the Court specified that partial blocking of a specific URL is preferred over site-wide bans, and that copyright-infringing sites must have a for-profit…

Police Prepare to Place Banner Ads on Pirate Sites

As police, copyright holders and advertising companies work together to reduce revenue to sites allegedly engaged in copyright infringement, a new tactic has emerged. According to the Federation Against Copyright Theft, police are working to influence consumer behavior by placing ads on the sites themselves.

Saudi Arabia Government Blocks The Pirate Bay (and More)

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Culture and Information has blocked access to The Pirate Bay, for reasons yet unknown. In addition to the notorious torrent site, Torrentz.eu, Rarbg and possibly several others are blocked too. As always, local users are already discussing ways to work around the restrictions.

EZTV Fights Piracy By Going Much Further Than Google

In its biggest makeover in half a decade, the world's most popular TV torrent site EZTV has implemented a revolutionary anti-piracy program. But while its operators were led to believe its transformation into a Google-like operation would solve most copyright issues, things appear to be getting worse.

Civil Rights Lawyer To Fight U.S. Govt. in Internet Piracy Case

Two individuals accused of millions of dollars worth of Android piracy signed plea agreements with the U.S. Government last week, but at least one other defendant has different things in mind. With the hiring of a "much-feared civil rights lawyer", the former operator of Applanet is going on the offensive…

Pirate Bay Partners With Neuroscientists to Launch “Virtual Bay”

The Pirate Bay is known to surprise the world around this time of year, but a new plan announced today goes far beyond what we've seen in the past. The notorious torrent site has partnered with Russian, Israeli and Japanese neuroscientists to launch a new virtual reality initiative, The Virtual…

UK Police Launch Pirate Site Blacklist for Advertisers

City of London Police is continuing its crackdown on piracy with the launch of an official blacklist that advertising agencies can use to disrupt cash flow to allegedly infringing sites. The "Infringing Website List" is maintained by the the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit in collaboration with entertainment industry groups.