isoHunt Suffers Prolonged Downtime, Facing Tech Problems

With millions of visitors a day isoHunt is among the largest BitTorrent sites on the Internet. During the past few hours the site has been unreachable to users worldwide, but those worried that the site might have been taken down by higher forces can be reassured. The site is suffering from database issues and a bad kernel and is currently being prepped for a comeback. IsoHunt owner Gary Fung informs TorrentFreak that the site will hopefully be back online in about half a day, although it may take longer.

isohunt-logoFounded in January 2003, isoHunt has been around for more than a decade.

During this time the site has established itself as one of the leading BitTorrent search engines and currently serves millions of users a day.

Over the years isoHunt has made the headlines on several occasions due to its legal battles with Hollywood and the major record labels. Both cases are still ongoing, but right now isoHunt founder Gary Fung has more pressing matters on his mind.

For the past few hours the site has been unreachable to the public, and as a result many users have started to wonder whether something bad has happened to the site.

While the site is indeed in trouble, Fung informs TorrentFreak that the problems being faced are of a technical nature.

The downtime is being caused by significant problems with isoHunt’s database. In addition, the server encountered a bad kernel which complicates matters further. As a result it may take a while before the site comes back online.

Fung assures TorrentFreak that the site will return, but that it will take at least 12 hours before the current issues are completely resolved.

isoHunt will post updates via Facebook and Twitter and has also posted a notice on the site’s homepage to keep visitors informed, although not everybody is able to see that at the moment.

In the meantime isoHunt users longing for their daily fix will have to wait, or visit any of the many other torrent sites around.

isoHunt database issues


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