BitTorrent Inc. Now Allows All Artists to Get Paid


After the huge success enjoyed by Thom York and his Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes release, BitTorrent Inc. has opened up its paygate to content creators everywhere. Upon application, sellers of music, video and even software can now get paid via the San Francisco company's 'Bundle' project.

Giganews Not Liable for Pirating Usenet Customers, Court Rules

A federal court in California has ruled that Usenet service provider Giganews is not guilty of copyright infringement, nor can it be held responsible for customers who do pirate content. The case in question was brought by adult magazine publisher Perfect 10 which previously lodged similar complaints against Amazon, Google…

KickassTorrents Moves to Domain Name


KickassTorrents, one of the largest torrent sites, relocated to a new domain name today. As part of their "annual domain rotation" the site traded in its address for the Somalian The site's operators aren't commenting on the move but it could be instrumental in circumventing various anti-piracy measures,…

ISP Provides Free VPN to Protect Customer Privacy


A leading Swedish Internet service provider is taking a novel approach to protect customer privacy. Faced with a legal requirement to log subscriber activities, from next week ISP Bahnhof will give all of its customers a free, no-logging VPN service.