Copyright Group: Chilling Effects DMCA Archive is “Repugnant”

If it wasn't for the Chilling Effects DMCA clearing house the actions of those abusing the DMCA would go largely unreported. Still, the Copyright Alliance doesn't like the site, this week describing the information resource as "repugnant" to the DMCA. Unsurprisingly, Chilling Effects sees things differently.

Popcorn Time Shuts Down, Then Gets Resurrected by YTS (YIFY)

A roller-coaster week for controversial movie application Popcorn Time hit a huge low last evening with the news that the creators of the software were throwing in the towel. Well people, not so fast. The people behind YTS (YIFY) inform TorrentFreak that they are taking over the project with immediate…

Companies Withdraw Blu-ray Rippers Following DVDFab Lawsuit

Following legal action against the company behind the DVDFab ripping software, two other companies - one of which is already designated a 'rogue site' by the USTR - have announced their immediate withdrawal from the Blu-ray ripping software market. DVDFab, meanwhile, remains defiant.

RIAA Wants Google to End Piracy “Whack-A-Mole”

RIAA CEO Cary Sherman wants search engines to take significant action against pirate sites. The RIAA says Google should implement special anti-piracy measures as copyright holders can't properly take down constantly reappearing links to infringing content. "It’s like 'Groundhog Day' for takedowns," Sherman says.

Time to Punish DMCA Takedown Abusers, WordPress Owners Say

General Counsel for Automattic, the company behind WordPress, has spoken today about how the DMCA process is being manipulated to stifle freedom of expression. During a House Judiciary Subcommittee hearing on the limitations of copyright liability for online service providers, the blogging platform called for "clear legal consequences" for those…

Three Strikes ISP: No Pirates Disconnected in Four Years

One of first ISPs to voluntarily introduce a three-strikes regime for punishing file-sharers has today delivered an intriguing statement. After almost four years of working mainly with the music industry, Ireland's largest ISP Eircom says it hasn't disconnected a single subscriber for Internet piracy.