Supreme Court Denies Kim Dotcom Access to U.S. Evidence

Kim Dotcom and his alleged Megaupload co-conspirators have been denied access to the evidence gathered by U.S. authorities against them. Megaupload's legal team argued that this information is essential to mount a solid defense, but the Supreme Court ruled that full disclosure is not required under New Zealand law.

PayPal Cuts Off Torrent Streaming Service Streamza

Streamza, a handy service that allows people to stream music or video torrents directly from the cloud, is no longer allowed to accept PayPal payments. According to the payment provider Streamza violates its policies, even though it has plenty of legitimate uses.

WWE Lawyer Offers Gifts to Obtain Streaming Pirate’s Home Address

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) "apologized" last week to a streaming links site owner for wrongfully taking down his Facebook page on copyright grounds. On offer was a compensatory WWE gift bag, but it quickly became clear that nicely wrapped presents were probably the last thing the wrestling outfit had in…

Warner Bros Fights Looming Exposé of Anti-piracy Secrets

Hollywood studio Warner Bros. is fighting a request from the Electronic Frontier Foundation to a Florida federal court to unseal details of the movie studio's anti-piracy practices. The sealed documents are part of Warner's DMCA-abuse case against Hotfile, and the movie studio says that pirates could "infringe without fear of…

Google Refuses to Take Down Pirate-Movies-on-YouTube Sites

Following today's copyright settlement between Google and Viacom, it's interesting to note that YouTube still has plenty of illicit Hollywood content online. The MPAA has certainly noticed, with an effort last week to have several Popcorn Time-style dedicated web interfaces de-listed by Google, a request that was declined.

Lawmakers Get Caught Parroting Copyright Lobby

Last year Finland wrote history after it became the first country to vote on a "fairer" copyright law, crowd-sourced by the public. Now that the vote is near, several lawmakers have warned against the disastrous effects of the proposal, by parroting a memo handed to them by the copyright lobby.