YouTube Terminates Top Indian News Network For Infringement

ZeeNews, which claims to be India’s largest news network with 140 million viewers, has this morning received the ultimate punishment from YouTube. The network's account has been terminated following "multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement" and that could mean there's no hope of a recovery.

UK ISPs Quietly Block More Torrent Site Proxies


Several UK Internet providers have quietly added a list of new domains to their secretive anti-piracy blocklists. TorrentFreak was able to confirm that several popular torrent site proxies were added over the past weekend. However, the blocked domains have been quickly replaced by new ones, continuing the cat-and-mouse game that…

BREIN Takes Pirate Bay Blocking Case to the Supreme Court

Anti-piracy group BREIN is refusing to back down in its attempts to have The Pirate Bay blocked in the Netherlands. After a big legal defeat in January, the Hollywood-backed group is now taking its case against a pair of local ISPs all the way to the Supreme Court. Both intend…

Large-Scale TV Show Piracy Blocking Request Heads to Court


A lawsuit hitting the Moscow City Court next month is aiming to deal with TV show piracy on a much broader basis than case-by-case takedowns. Brought by the local distributor of 15 shows including Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, the suit will aim to purge a wide range of…

And The Movie File-Sharing Capital of The World Is….


New data collected by piracy monitoring firm MarkMonitor shows that the latest Hollywood blockbusters are most frequently shared from Russia, with America and Italy trailing behind. Per capita the results are completely different. Here the United Arab Emirates is in the lead, followed by Israel and Estonia.

Foul!!! Sony Orders Google to Censor The World Cup

This week an anti-piracy company reportedly working for Sony has tried to put an end to all the World Cup fun. In a wild series of complaints to Google, dozens of legitimate companies including ESPN, EA Sports, The BBC, Business Insider, Symantec and even FIFA itself have been accused of…

Dotcom’s Disruptive Music Service First to Support FLAC Streaming


After several years of development, Kim Dotcom's much-anticipated music streaming platform Baboom is gearing up for its public release. Baboom aims to disrupt the music industry by closing the bridge between artists and fans. This includes a higher revenue share for artists and free music streaming in a lossless format…