The Pirate Beacon Pimps TPB With Movie Trailers and Info


Pirate Beacon is a new browser addon that aims to make it easier for Pirate Bay users to discover new content. The extension works with Chrome and Firefox and displays descriptions, IMDb ratings and trailers when users hover over a title. Support for other torrent sites is coming next, the…

Hey UK: Jailing File-Sharers for Years is Shameful

Admins and uploaders know the risks, but when otherwise good citizens go to jail for sharing files it's a horrible moment for all involved. This week two young men from the UK were locked up for years, one for his acts as a teenager several years ago. What a complete…

Liam Neeson Downloaders Face Anti-Piracy Shakedown

A U.S-based company behind the Liam Neeson movie Non-Stop is preparing to shake down file-sharers in Sweden. Prosecutions are being promised In a rare case targeting five ISPs, but with one privacy-conscious provider they're definitely wasting their time.

Anti-Piracy Firm Rightscorp On The Brink of Bankruptcy?

Rightscorp, a prominent piracy monitoring firm that sends settlement requests for Warner Bros. and other copyright holders, may soon go out of business. The publicly listed company is losing millions of dollars per year and says it desperately needs a fresh cash injection to survive.

Hollywood Demands Tougher Penalties for Aussie Pirates

The MPAA is urging the U.S. Government to defeat online piracy and has identified several countries where change is required. Australia is a priority according to Hollywood, so to change this situation better enforcement, improved legislation and stiffer penalties are required.