TorrentShack Resurrected After Hollywood Takedown


The Federation Against Copyright Theft may have forced the closure of private torrent site TorrentShack, but any celebrations will be short-lived. As servers close and the old domain is signed over to the Hollywood-backed anti-piracy group, a clone site is already online and ready for business.

Pirate Bay Lights Up With Robin Williams Downloads


As the world mourns the loss of one of its greatest comedians and actors, Internet users from around the globe have been revisiting the genius of Robin Williams. Ever since news broke of the stars untimely death, classics including Dead Poets Society, Good Morning Vietnam and Mrs Doubtfire have seen…

UK Police Hijack Ads of 74 Pirate Websites, Refuse to Name Them

New data obtained through a Freedom of Information request reveals that the UK's 'piracy police' are hijacking the ads of 74 suspected pirate sites. The police are refusing to reveal the domain names as that would "raise the profile of these sites." Fearing cyber-attacks, the names of participating advertising agencies…

Doctor Who “Into the Dalek” Workprint Fully Leaks Online

Last month news broke that the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who had leaked online. Reports that the second episode was also available faltered with no full copy publicly circulating online. That has now changed, with an unfinished workprint copy of 'Into the Dalek' now doing the…

Immunicity Resurrected by Anti-Censorship Supporters

Less than a week after the UK 'piracy police' shut down the proxy service Immunicity and arrested its owner, clones of the service have started to appear online. The services allow people to access The Pirate Bay and other blocked sites. Just like the original site they are completely free…

Movie Chief: We Won’t Sue Kids, Moms or Dads Over Piracy


A prominent studio boss has responded to suggestions by Australia's Communications Minister that copyright holders need to sue to get their message across. Rejecting such a path as "ineffective", Village Roadshow co-CEO Graham Burke says his company does not want to "sue 16 year olds or mums and dads."

Apple Approves Self-Censoring BitTorrent App


Ever since the inception of the App Store, Apple has notoriously banned all BitTorrent related apps. However, this week a native BitTorrent client managed to get approval, albeit not without sacrifice. Hoping to prevent trouble, the developer only allows users to download from a small selection of known legal sources.