Piracy Takedown Notices Increase E-Book Sales, Research Finds

Takedown notices for pirated books can be quite effective in some cases, new research shows. The extensive study reveals that these anti-piracy measures can increase e-book sales by 15 percent. Other book formats are unaffected, and interestingly the results also indicate that lesser-known authors may benefit from piracy.

Pirates Like Streaming, But Don’t Completely Abandon Ship

A survey into the movie and TV show consumption habits of Danish citizens has revealed an interesting trend. While streaming service subscriptions are up 40% over the previous year and are credited with reducing piracy by 7% in the same period, the number of people still engaging in illegal downloading…

Pirate Bay Founder’s Computer Was “Hacked,” Investigation Reveals


Pirate Bay founder Gottfrid Svartholm remains in custody on suspicion of hacking into the mainframe computers of a Danish IT company. However, new evidence made public during the most recent court hearing shows that Svartholm's computer had been compromised, giving credence to the defense's claim that someone else carried out…

MPAA Strikes Anti-Piracy Deal With Torrent Client Creator

The company behind the world's most popular torrent client has struck an anti-piracy deal with the MPAA. Xunlei, a company backed by Google, will implement a content recognition system, ensure that MPAA content is properly licensed, and educate users on the effects of online copyright infringement.

Honda Takes Down “Infringing” Jet From FlightGear


In a surprise move, Honda has sent a takedown request to the popular open source flight simulator FlightGear. The company asked the developers to remove the Honda Jet, as it infringes on Honda's trademarks. The FlightGear team is saddened by the request but saw no other option than to take…

Young Swedes Who Never File-Share Up By 40%

New research carried out in Sweden has revealed that the percentage of young people who never share files is up by almost 40% since 2009. Those who share files daily is down too, a development the researchers say is a victory for the legal market, as opposed to entertainment companies…