YIFY Torrents Faces Domain Suspension, Moves to YTS.to

The popular movie release group YTS, also known as YIFY, has switched to a new domain name. The French domain registry FRNIC has informed the site's operators that YTS.re will be suspended by the end of the month, an outcome most likely the result of pressure from copyright holders.

Received a Piracy Letter? UK Solicitor Will Defend You For Free

In recent weeks customers of UK ISPs have received letters from copyright trolls demanding settlement for alleged downloading of movies. Today they can fight back. Southampton-based lawyer Michael Coyle informs TorrentFreak that if the accused make a charitable donation in support of his London Marathon run, he will provide his…

Pirate Party Becomes Iceland’s Most Popular Political Party

The results of a new poll published today in Iceland indicates that the Pirate Party has just become the country's most popular political party. According to the results, almost a quarter of all citizens would vote Pirate today. Speaking with TF, movement founder Rick Falkvinge describes the result as an…

Exposing Canadian Pirates Costs $11 Per IP-Address


Voltage Pictures, the company behind the Oscar-winning Hurt Locker movie, must pay $21,557 to expose 2,000 alleged pirates. Canada's Federal Court ruled on the long running dispute between the movie studio and Internet provider Teksavvy this week, a decision that's crucial for future 'copyright trolling' efforts.

Porn Group Cracks Down on Pirate Tube Sites

The MetArt Network, a group of well-known adult websites, is cracking down on pirate tube sites. Through a series of lawsuits filed at a federal court in Seattle, Washington, the group hopes to take out Spankbang.com, Pornvideoxo.com, Pornburst.xxx and various other sites that host their videos without permission.

Chinese Pirates to Get Free Windows 10 Upgrade


Are you located in China, running a pirate version of Windows 7 or Windows 8 but fancy a shiny new version of Windows 10 instead? Well, your luck is in as Microsoft says it will give even the most piratical of Chinese users an upgrade copy of its next operating…

Police Arrest World’s Most Prolific UFC and WWE Pirate

The UK's Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit says it has arrested the world's most prolific uploader of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) content. The 55-year-old, who TorrentFreak believes it has identified, was arrested at his home in Leicestershire this morning.

Aussie ‘Pirate’ Site Blocking Law Could Be Passed This Week

The Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Bill was today cleared for introduction into the Australian parliament. In a whirlwind of activity it's expected to be passed this week and will herald the ISP-level blocking of "overseas pirate sites". The body representing the country's ISPs has expressed disappointment at the complete lack…