UK Police: Enforcement Won’t Work Against Piracy


The Commissioner of City of London Police admitted this week that just 4% to 10% of sites shut down when contacted by the new Intellectual Property Crime Unit. Alongside odd comments about the threat of "BitNet" and Tor making up "90% of the Internet", Leppard noted that enforcement will not…

Vuze Torrent Client Condemns Piracy, Says It’s Stealing


Vuze, one of the most-used BitTorrent clients with millions of active users, is speaking out against piracy. The team behind the popular file-sharing software is urging their users not to "steal" from rightsholders. In addition, they encourage people to consider reporting illegal behavior.

Registrar Suspends Torrent Domain For DMCA Non-Compliance


A domain name registrar which received complaints that a torrent site wasn't handling copyright complaints correctly has suspended its domain. told the torrent index that it had no choice but to deactivate its domain otherwise it could be held liable for copyright infringements carried out on the site.

MPAA’s Chris Dodd Praises Pirate Site Blockades


This week, MPAA chief and former U.S. Senator Chris Dodd praised pirate site blockades as an important anti-piracy measure. Speaking at the IP Summit in London, Dodd said that ISP blockades are one of the most effective tools available. Does this mean that Hollywood will try to get these blacklists…

Copyright Troll Accuses Critic of Leading “Psychopathic” Hate Group

Informing the masses about the activities of settlement-seeking copyright trolls is what does best, so no surprise that its rivals are now hitting back. In a motion revealed this week, the world's most prolific filer of lawsuits against BitTorrent users accuses the site of running an Internet hate group…

Italy Orders Blockade of Three More Torrent Sites


A telecoms administrative body has ordered a fresh torrent site blockade in Italy. Following decisions against four torrent sites last month, the AGCOM regulator says that three more torrent indexes must now be banned by the country's ISPs.

Police & FACT Claim Big Successes in UK Anti-Piracy Drive

City of London Police and Hollywood's Federation Against Copyright Theft are claiming big results in a new government IP crime report. PIPCU say they have suspended 2,359 UK domains and cut off payment to 19 sites, with FACT claiming the closure of 117 pirate sites and the arrest of seven…

FIFA Threatens ‘Pirate Sites’ Over Illegal World Cup Streams

Hoping to limit the availability of pirated World Cup matches, FIFA has sent advance warnings to the owners of several sites that host or link to unauthorized live streams of sports events. The football organization warns site owners that they face criminal liability, and demands unprecedented takedown powers during the…