Censorship Is Not The Answer to Online Piracy


The Australian Government has proposed a wide variety of measures to deal with online piracy, including website blocking. The local Pirate Party believes that censorship is not the answer, however, and signals a range of problems with the Government's plans.

BitTorrent: Our Users Buy 33% More Music Albums Online


In recent years BitTorrent Inc. has managed to get some of the biggest artists in the world to work with them, using BitTorrent technology as a promotional tool. The company is currently looking to add more partners to the roster and in their pitch they claim that BitTorrent users tend…

Jacob Appelbaum Gives Testimony in Gottfrid Svartholm Trial

After a controversial first few days, the hacking trial of Gottfrid Svartholm on Friday completed its second week. The Swede's Danish co-defendant took the stand for the first time and world renowned security expert and key Tor member Jacob Appelbaum appeared for the defense.

UFC Pirate Apologizes & Settles Following $32m Lawsuit

A man hit with a $32 million lawsuit after releasing an estimated 200 hours of UFC PPV events on torrent sites has settled his case with UFC owner, Zuffa. On top of a permanent injunction Steven Messina, known online as Secludedly, publicly apologized to the UFC and will hand over…

Pirate Movie Group Members Set to Face FACT in Court

Five men suspected of being involved in the release of first run movies will go to court later in the year. The Federation Against Copyright Theft, who are prosecuting the case, are keeping the precise details close to their chests for legal reasons, but TorrentFreak has identified those involved.

Cinema Staff Rewarded For Spotting Movie Cammers

Nine cinema staff in the UK have been rewarded by the movie industry after disrupting the activities of so-called movie "cammers". The cash payments are part of an ongoing scheme which offers incentives to those who help to prevent the unauthorized distribution of first-run content.