Tough New Piracy Law Sees No Takers in More Than a Year

For years Norway was pressured to do something drastic against pirates and 12 months ago this week the country introduced tough new legislation. But one year on and not a single file-sharer has been inquired about nor has a single site blocking request been filed. What's going on in Scandinavia?

Cyberlocker Blocked After Police Discover “Criminal Network”

A long investigation carried out by Italy's Fiscal police has concluded with a court-ordered web blockage of a popular file-hosting site. The operators of DDLStorage are said to have generated 1.3 million euros in just 15 months, the product of an affiliation with a pirate website. Top file uploaders are…

Twitter Removes Users “Pirated” World Cup Avatars

Twitter has removed the profile pictures of several of its users after the company received a takedown notice from World Cup organizer FIFA. The football organization forbids the use of any of its official logos and emblems on social media, including pictures of the World Cup trophy.