Lawrence Lessig Wins Damages For Bogus YouTube Takedown

Law professor, Creative Commons co-founder and advocate for copyright reform Lawrence Lessig has agreed to receive damages from an Australian music label. Without considering fair use Liberation wrongly had some of Lessig's work removed from YouTube and threatened to sue - it didn't go well.

Bitcoin Donations Now Integrated into BitTorrent Client

The dream of a simple mechanism to allow BitTorrent content consumers to support creators financially has been around for some time, and now it's here. Speaking with TorrentFreak the folks at FrostWire explain why they have integrated Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and PayPal donations into their new client build.

World’s Largest BitTorrent Trackers Suffer Prolonged Downtime


The two largest BitTorrent trackers on the Internet have been down for a few days, and will remain offline for another week. The tracker owners are performing maintenance and replacing hardware to cope with the billions of connection requests they get each day. Interestingly enough, most casual BitTorrent users are…