Comcast Users Sued After Ignoring Piracy Notices

Ignoring copyright infringement warnings is something thousands of Internet users do every month but for two alleged music pirates things are about to get heavy. After ignoring hundreds of notices from anti-piracy outfit Rightscorp, both are being sued by a record label over a pair of 20+ year-old albums.

Top BitTorrent Tracker Pressured to Ban Infringing Hashes

Demonii, the largest standalone BitTorrent tracker on the Internet, has been forced to ban more than 10,000 'copyright-infringing' torrent hashes. The blocking measures follow pressure from a music industry lawfirm applied to both the tracker and its hosting company. The tracker disagrees with the "bullying" tactics being employed.

Facebook Shuts Down ExtraTorrent’s Official Page

Facebook has removed the official page of ExtraTorrent after complaints from copyright holders. With more than 350,000 fans ExtraTorrent had one of the largest fan pages of all torrent sites on the social network. But despite the setback, ExtraTorrent's operator are not giving up on Facebook just yet.

Record Labels Sue ‘New’ Grooveshark, Seize Domains

A few days after music streaming service Grooveshark shut down and settled with the major record labels, the site was 'resurrected' by unknown people. While the reincarnation bears more resemblance to a traditional MP3 search engine than Grooveshark, the labels are determined to bring it down.

Mega Rolls Out Legal Heavyweights to Refute Piracy Claims has today published an independent report which refutes claims that the site is a piracy haven. The analysis, carried out by Olswang, an international law firm that previously worked with the UK government on copyright issues, concludes that claims in a 2014 NetNames report have “no factual basis whatsoever.”

MPAA & RIAA Demand DNS Action Against ‘Pirate’ Domains

Following their SOPA defeat three years ago, the MPAA, RIAA and ESA are again arguing that registrars need to take action against domains being used for infringing purposes. The groups told the House Judiciary Committee’s Internet subcommittee that dealing with anonymous domain registrations is also an urgent matter.

YouTuber Sues Google, Viacom Over Content ID Takedowns

An angry YouTuber says he has had enough of the way YouTube handles the DMCA and allegations of copyright infringement. In a lawsuit filed against Google, Viacom and Lionsgate, Benjamin Ligeri complains of restrictive practices which favor copyright holders using YouTube's Content ID system, even when claims are invalid.