Microsoft Sues ‘Does’ For Activating Pirated Software

Microsoft has filed a complaint at a federal court in Washington accusing person(s) behind an AT&T subscription of activating various pirated copies of Windows 7 and Office 10. The account was identified by Microsoft's in-house cyberforensics team based on suspicious "activation patterns."

Piracy ≠ Theft? Movie Industry Workers Speak Out


The mantra often heard from Hollywood's leaders is that pirates are thieves. However, not all people in the industry feel that way. Today we present the views of four regular filmmakers on this controversial topic, what the impact is on the industry, and what can be done in response.

Concern Over Russian “Piracy Buster” Internet Tax

Russian officials have expressed caution over proposals to introduce an Internet tax to compensate copyright holders for online piracy. The proposals, which were put forward by the Russian Union of Rightsholders, are said to be worth around $860m a year to creators.

LionsGate Targets Reddit Over Christmas Movie Piracy

Movie studio LionsGate got into the festive spirit this week by trying to wipe an entire Reddit sub from Google's indexes. The action was aimed at protecting the movie A Madea Christmas, but Google refused to comply with the overbroad takedown attempt.

ExtraTorrent Reveals Most Pirated Files of All Time

ExtraTorrent, one of the most visited torrent sites on the Internet, has revealed which files have been downloaded the most over recent years. Drake's album "Nothing Was The Same" tops the list with more than 10 million downloads. Iron Man 3 and The Expendables 3 are the most pirated movies…

Google Removes Pirate Bay Apps From Play Store

Google removed several popular Pirate Bay apps from the Play Store today. An email sent to developers claims that the apps violate intellectual property provisions of Google's content policy. TF spoke to one developer who appealed the decision, arguing that his app does nothing more than Google's own Chrome browser.