Canadian Govt. Outlaws Bogus Piracy Notices

Rightscorp has attracted the attention of the Canadian government just days after a new law was passed requiring ISPs to pass infringement notices to customers. The U.S.-based anti-piracy outfit made false claims in an effort to scare users into cash payments but that practice is now being outlawed by authorities.

ExtraTorrent Down After Huge DDoS Attack


ExtraTorrent, one of the largest torrent sites on the Internet, remains down following a huge DDoS attack. The site's operators are working hard to mitigate the assault and hope to have the site back online soon.

Pirate Bay’s Mystery AES Code Finally Decrypted

After more than a month and several hints from the Pirate Bay team, the AES string posted on the sites homepage is finally solved. Instead of a secret message linking to a backup hidden in the deep web, it links to a YouTube video featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger's catchphrase "I'll be…

U.S. ‘Strikes’ Scheme Fails to Impact Piracy Landscape

According to leaked MPAA documents the U.S. "six strikes" ISP warning scheme has thus far failed to impact the overall piracy landscape. The movie group currently has no idea whether pirates are becoming customers or simply more cunning, but will send out more and more notices in future.

Huh? Google Crowns a New Pirate Bay

The official Pirate Bay website hasn't served any torrents for more than a month. While many users of the site are desperately waiting for its return, Google has already picked a new winner. Those who search for "Pirate Bay" will be directed to one of its copycats. Bing meanwhile, rightfully…

Chilling Effects DMCA Archive Censors Itself


The much-praised Chilling Effects DMCA archive has taken an unprecedented step by censoring its own website. Facing criticism from copyright holders, the organization decided to wipe its presence from all popular search engines. A telling example of how pressure from rightsholders causes a chilling effect on free speech.