The Pirate Bay Suffers Downtime (Updated)

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The Pirate Bay is down at the moment, causing a mild panic among many BitTorrent users. With the raid of last December fresh in mind some fear the worst, but as of yet there is no indication that the site has been hit again.

Media Must Protect Dallas Buyers Club’s Innocent Victims


Don't expect the Federal Court to protect Australians from the claws of Dallas Buyers Club's Voltage Pictures. Sure, Justice Perram will cast an eye over their initial scare letter to alleged pirates, but then the gloves will come off. While defense lawyers have their place, the only people with the…

Anti-Piracy Threats Trigger Massive Surge in VPN Usage


Piracy is a hot topic around the world and in Australia the issue has made mainstream headlines over the past week. After the announcement of a new anti-piracy scheme and the news of copyright trolls coming Down Under this week, VPN usage has surged to unprecedented levels.

Sentenced to Jail, Warez Operator Faces $30m Damages Claim

A two million member warez site that featured on the RIAA's latest "rogue site" list is to shut down after its owner was sentenced in absentia to a year in jail. Currently domiciled in Asia, the French national is now making preparations for his return to France where he faces…

Judge: IP-Address Doesn’t Identify a Movie Pirate


The filmmakers behind the action movie "Manny" have filed hundreds of lawsuits against BitTorrent pirates this year, but not all have been successful. In a prominent ruling Florida District Court Judge Ursula Ungaro refused to issue a subpoena, arguing that IP-address evidence is not enough to show who has downloaded…