‘Wanted’ P2P Pre-Releaser Gets 2 Year Jail Sentence

A man who added custom subtitles to a pirated copy of the movie ‘Wanted’ and uploaded it to a file-sharing network has been sentenced. Kazushi Hirata, who uploaded the movie in advance of its Japanese theatrical release, received a 2 year suspended jail sentence.

The Mighty ShareReactor Returns – Now With Added Torrents

ShareReactor was one of the world's biggest and most popular eDonkey indexing sites with over a quarter million members. The Swiss police shut down the site in 2004 but now, four years later, the file-sharing giant is set to make a full return. Supported by The Pirate Bay team, it's…

Movie Studios Spied On ISP’s BitTorrent Users

Last month we reported how seven major Hollywood studios teamed up to sue iiNet, Australia’s third largest ISP. The studios monitored iiNet's customers using BitTorrent - including a 'copyright infringing' subscriber they planted there themselves - and on whose shoulders the case appears balanced.

Virgin Media to Throttle BitTorrent Users

In contrast to the US, net neutrality does not seem to be an issue in the UK as one after the other, British ISPs start to throttle BitTorrent users. Most recently, Virgin Media announced that it will target BitTorrent, which will render their newly released 50Mbit/s plan unusable for the…

UK TV/Film Stars Urge ISPs to Stop Piracy

A group of British actors, directors and producers have written an open letter to The Times newspaper. Their concern – downloads of TV episodes and films. What is needed, they claim, is for the government to force the ISPs to do something about it.

MPAA Fears Economic Downturn Will Boost Piracy

Following the banks and the car companies, the movie industry might be the next to be hit by the economic downturn. No bail-out plan has been suggested as of yet, but MPAA chairman Dan Glickman is worried that piracy will grow to a new high during the current financial crisis…