Anti-Piracy Group Drops Ridiculous Claim Against ISP

With just days to go before the BitTorrent piracy case involving Aussie ISP iiNet goes to court, anti-piracy group AFACT has made a second significant legal retreat. The group, which represents Hollywood movie studios, has now dropped its claims that iiNet engaged in primary acts of copyright infringement.

Record Label Embraces Pirate Party BitTorrent Tracker

Last week TorrentFreak reported that the Canadian Pirate Party had established its own BitTorrent tracker. The Pirates hope to show that BitTorrent is not a threat, but a great tool for artists to promote their work. Record label Thorny Bleeder agrees and is now offering free music via the tracker.

Spotify Connection Disqualifies Pirate Bay Appeal Judge

The Pirate Bay appeal is coming up in November and just as with the initial trial there is a lot of controversy surrounding the background of the various judges. Today the Appeal Court has decided to disqualify one of its lay judges because of his involvement with the music industry.

Pirate Party Books Moderate Success In German Elections

The German Federal elections took place this Sunday and the Pirate Party, hoping to gain a seat or two, ramped up the pressure. Despite strong showings in the local council elections a week or two earlier, they failed to win a seat in the Parliament, getting only 2% of the…

ISP Gives Customers The Power To Ban BitTorrent

An ISP in the UK is set to introduce a voluntary customer Internet censorship scheme. Charles Dunstone, chief executive of Carphone Warehouse/TalkTalk said the company would introduce parental controls for subscribers which would include a feature to ban BitTorrent sites.

BPI Decries ISP Inaction Against 100K Music Pirates

A UK music industry group claims that it has given an ISP evidence that thousands of its customers are pirating music but it has done nothing to stop them. Since February the BPI has harvested the IP addresses of 100,000 BT Broadband customers but is now labeling the ISP's lack…

Demonoid Warns Of Severe Torrent and User Data Loss

Earlier this month we warned that there could be extended downtime at Demonoid, one of the Internet's most popular BitTorrent trackers. Worried users are keen to see the site return soon, but staff at the site are warning that not only will it take time but months of data could…