MusicTank Fishes for Online Music Solutions

MusicTank has released a report entitled “Let's Sell Recorded Music”, based on a series of events held last autumn and the responses to the BERR report. The report is focused mainly on the music industry's online shortcomings. However, it fails to even mention several major points, and glosses over others…

Littleshoot Adds BitTorrent Capabilities to Any Browser

A new version of the P2P plug-in Littleshoot makes it possible to download torrents right from within your browser. The software runs on Macs and Windows PCs and works with IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. It even offers Gnutella and Youtube integration as an added bonus.

isoHunt Takes on the CRIA in Court

Just a week after the Pirate Bay trial ended, another site finds itself up against the music industry. IsoHunt, one of the leading BitTorrent sites, is fighting out a dispute with the CRIA in court today. Of course, everything can be followed through Twitter.

Top Artists Strike Back at Greedy Music Labels

For years music industry lobbyists, headed by the RIAA, have gone after illegal file-sharers - supposedly in the best interests of the artists. Unexpectedly, a group of top musicians has started its very own lobby group to avoid being exploited by these very same record labels, who tend to abuse…

Torrent Droid: Scan Barcodes, Get Torrents

You are standing in a store looking for a new DVD to buy. Rather than buying it, you photograph the barcode with your phone and press a couple of buttons. By the time you make it home, the movie is waiting for you in your torrent client. You can with…

P2P Client Does a Deal With the Devil

The name Discordia Ltd is connected to the neutering, hijacking, faking and commercialization of several P2P clients including iMesh, Bearshare and Following initial reports that the company had hijacked the Lphant client, it now seems that the business simply sold out to the music industry.

Economists: Abolish Copyright & Patents to Save the Economy

Two economists from Washington University have looked at current copyright and patent laws and concluded that they're not good. The pair see current Intellectual property laws as similar to 'medieval trade monopolies' which were bad for the economy as a whole, and are calling for the system to be reformed.