UK Govt: DVD and CD Ripping Will Be Legalized This Summer


The UK Government has published a guide informing consumers about an upcoming revision of copyright law which will legalize CD and DVD copying for personal use. The changes go into effect in June, and will also broaden other forms of fair use, including parody and quotation rights.

RIAA Demands Personal Details of Pirating YouTube Users

After focusing on P2P file-sharers in the past, the RIAA is now going after pirating YouTube users. This month the music group obtained a subpoena at a federal court in California and has asked YouTube to hand over the IP-address, email and all other identifying information related to user(s) who…

EU Court: ISPs Can Be Forced to Block Pirate Sites

In a verdict handed down today the Court of Justice of the European Union confirmed that EU Internet service providers can be required to block access to sites engaged in copyright infringement. The decision follows the advice of the Advocate General in a case involving the now-defunct streaming site

Court Orders Usenet Provider to Prevent Copyright Infringement

German music collecting society and anti-piracy group GEMA is reporting a legal victory over a popular Usenet service provider. GEMA says it has obtained a "ground breaking" court injunction which compels UseNeXT to prevent copyright infringement on a selection of songs in GEMA's repertoire or face being held liable for…

‘Fining’ File-Sharers Makes Anti-Piracy Company Lose Money

Financial results published by anti-piracy group Rightscorp shows that while turning piracy into profit is a nice idea, it's not lucrative for everyone. A loss of $2.04m in 2013 means that for every single dollar of settlement revenue sent back to companies like Warner Bros., Rightscorp lost close to $13.

MPAA: Moviegoers Use More ‘Piracy-Enabling’ Smartphones


New data revealed by the MPAA shows that frequent moviegoers own more smartphones and other technological devices. The MPAA notes that the movie industry should therefore explore fresh options to use these devices to drive new visitors to theaters. At the same time, however, the movie group is warning theater…

File-Sharing Copyright Trolls Invade Finland


The practice of issuing copyright infringement notices for the purpose of obtaining cash settlements is now commonly referred to as “copyright trolling." It’s a practice that started in Germany, before moving to the UK and US, and now it’s facing a resurgence in Europe, this time in Finland.