Google Takedown Notices Surge 711,887 Percent in Four Years


A new paper published in the Virginia Journal of Law and Technology shows that the number of DMCA notices received by Google increased 711,887 percent in four years. The increase can be credited to a few copyright holders and industry groups such as the RIAA, who started an avalanche of…

Sssh! Dotcom’s Use of Twitter Problematic, Court Told

Days after the Supreme Court denied Kim Dotcom access to evidence held by the FBI, the Megaupload founder's legal team were back in court seeking other documents in connection with a compensation claim. During the hearing, however, a Crown lawyer took the opportunity to complain about Dotcom's use of Twitter.

Music Industry Wants Pirate Site Blockades in More Countries


Music industry group IFPI released its latest Digital Music Report this week. The report includes some mandatory pages on the continuing piracy problem and claims that pirate site blockades are hugely effective. According to the music group it's now time to expand the blockades to other countries, and censor mobile…

BitTorrent Hip Hop Album Becomes First Ever to Accept Bitcoin


Toronto-based hip hop band Aint No Love have booked a world first with their new BitTorrent / Bitcoin venture. Alongside their regular iTunes offering, this week the group began distributing their album 'Tears of Joy' for free on BitTorrent, using FrostWire's just-debuted in-client Bitcoin tipping feature.