Giganews Wins Again in Perfect 10 Copyright Battle

Giganews has booked another significant victory in its ongoing copyright battle with adult publisher Perfect 10. Detailing "pervasive failures" by the publisher, its attorneys and its witnesses, a court in California says that Perfect 10 violated numerous court orders and failed to comply with discovery.

KickassTorrents Taken Down By Domain Name Seizure

KickassTorrents has lost access to its domain name and is currently offline. The Somalian domain of the most-visited torrent site on the Internet is now listed as "banned" by the .SO registry, forcing the site's operators to find a new home.

Top Torrent Tracker Hits Record Breaking 30 Million Peers


While other popular BitTorrent trackers suffer continued downtime, Demonii has proven to be a safe bet with file-sharers. This week the tracker broke through the barrier of 30 million connected peers, handling no less than two billion connections per day. Today we take a look at what's powering one of…

If Pirate Bay is an FBI Trap it Isn’t a Very Good One


Oh noes! Apparently The Pirate Bay has fallen into enemy hands and is now an FBI-run honeypot gathering data on the pirate masses. Fortunately and despite some big publications picking up on the 'story' this week, people can rest easy. TPB is not a trap and even if it was,…

Pirate Bay Deploys “Robots” to Scan For Fake Torrents


In an attempt to battle a constant stream of fake torrents The Pirate Bay has borrowed an army of screening bots. To compensate for the lack of moderators, Pirate Bay is using the "FakeSkan" service of fellow torrent index Bitsnoop to warn users about malicious files.

Pirate Site’s Deal With Police Backfires Massively

One of Sweden's top movie streaming sites has made a deal with the country's police. In exchange for remaining free men the administrators of Dreamfilm say they negotiated with authorities to close down the site. Meanwhile, an almost identical site has reappeared under a new domain name, run by former…

Popcorn Time Explores I2P Anonymity as VPN Overloads

One of the most-used Popcorn Time forks plans to implement support for the anonymous I2P network to protect its users from snooping anti-piracy organizations. In addition the application wants to shield its operation from takedown attempts by pushing software updates though a P2P technology.