BitTorrent Shows Explosive Growth in Germany

A recent analysis of the latest P2P trends in Germany shows that BitTorrent is now the most popular filesharing protocol in the country, leaving eDonkey behind for the first time. This growth can be called explosive because more than 50% of the German filesharers now use BitTorrent, in 2005 this…

Court Rejects Appeal of First BitTorrent Convict

Chan Nai-ming, the first man ever convicted for using BitTorrent has lost his appeal. Chan was charged last year for copyright infringement for uploading the movies "Daredevil", "Miss Congeniality" and "Red Planet". He was eventually sentenced to three months in prison, but was released on bail pending appeal, which he…

The Pirate Bay, Piratbyrån take a stand against Net Censorship

Recently the Swedish ISP, Perspektiv, under orders from the IFPI, blocked all its customers from accessing the popular 'grey market' online music store, AllOfMp3. The Pirate Bay has now countered this move and decided to block all of the ISP's customers from accessing its site.

Swarmcast Recieves Major Funding for P2P Digital Cinema Distribution

P2P company, 'Swarmcast' has received $5 million in funding to develop a secure and fast system to distribute very high definition (upto 250GB) Hollywood movies to digital cinemas. With all the uproar about BitTorrent Inc lately, the deal that Swarmcast made has remained relatively unnoticed.