MediaDefender Hacker Speaks Out

In September 2007, anti-piracy company MediaDefender's emails went public after a hacker gained access to their systems. The attacks cost the company a huge amount of money, not to mention acute embarrassment. Now the person behind the attacks speaks.

Video: How People Are Tracked Using BitTorrent

Being tracked by anti-piracy organizations and receiving infringement notices on file-sharing networks is becoming more common. A security project manager has just released a short video showing how it's done.

TorrentFreak Interviews a Lawyer Defending 500 File-Sharers

In 2007, Germany was of the world's most risky places to share files with an estimated 200,000 people receiving threats of legal action. We talk to a lawyer helping to defend five hundred of them, examine the legality of tracking systems and look at how data being stored by ISPs…

Mininova Celebrates Its 3rd Anniversary

The popular BitTorrent site Mininova celebrates its 3rd anniversary today. At the time it launched, no one would have predicted that it would become the success story it turned out to be, but we can now safely say that Mininova is here to stay.

Jericho Season 2 Leaks on BitTorrent

The first three episodes of CBS's TV-series "Jericho" have leaked to BitTorrent a month before its official premiere date. The popular show was initially canceled last year, but after several protests from angry fans CBS decided to revive it. Nuts!

Computer Chronicles, Retro Tech-TV Available on BitTorrent

Software piracy in the 80s, the early days of the Internet, the war between Netscape Communicator 4.0 and Internet Explorer 4.0, it was all covered by the Computer Chronicles. Invaluable, and most of the time hilarious historical documents, are now available for free on BitTorrent.

Anti-Piracy Voice-Overs to Prevent CDs from Leaking

Recently, more and more CDs are being protected by voice-overs to prevent these albums from leaking to the public before the official release date. The voice-overs are pretty effective, but there is a downside, they start to annoy reviewers and even start to affect album ratings.