Lessig’s ‘Free Culture’ Now Available with DRM

There is a continuing battle surrounding Digital Rights Management (DRM). While most rights holders see it as a way of maximizing their profits, users see it as a way to reduce their ability to actually use the products they bought, the way they want to. Ironically, one of the books…

Legal Bullying Continues for Icelandic BitTorrent Tracker

It has been almost a year since a coalition of anti-piracy organizations forced Torrent.is, the largest BitTorrent site in Iceland, to go offline. In the months that followed, the BitTorrent site has won in court more than once, but it has not returned yet, as the anti-piracy groups continue to…

Warez Scene Member Gets 3 Years Probation, $2000 Fine

A Florida man was sentenced to three years probation on Thursday for his part in running a 'warez' server. The 55 year old, known online as 'kidzap', would've most likely been sent to jail, but avoided incarceration by pleading guilty to conspiring to commit copyright infringement. He collects a $2,000…

RIAA’s Week of Hell

It's been a bad week for the RIAA. First their headline campaign victory over Jammie Thomas was thrown out, and then the government said it 'strongly opposes' a bill lobbied for by the entertainment industries.

CopySense Sleek Predator, or White Elephant?

If you believe the anti-piracy lobbies, Audible Magic's CopySense system is the absolute best system you can buy, protecting Universities, and more importantly, their students, from copyright violation accusations. However, the question has to be asked, "Does it really work?"

Pirate Bay Wins Court Case, Italian Block Lifted

The Pirate Bay has successfully appealed the decision of an Italian judge who had ordered ISPs to block access to the popular BitTorrent tracker last month. The Court of Bergamo decided that this block was unlawful, and that Italian users should regain access to the site.

European Parliament Says No to Three-Strikes Law

The European Parliament has voted in favor of an amendment that will prevent member states from implementing three-stikes laws. Disconnecting alleged file-sharers based on evidence from anti-piracy lobby groups restricts the rights and freedoms of Internet users, according to the amendment.

‘Heroes’ Causes BitTorrent Boom

Two fresh episodes of the US hit series 'Heroes' were released Monday night. In the day that followed each episode was downloaded well over a million times by BitTorrent users all over the world, making it the busiest day ever on many torrent sites.