Anakata of The Pirate Bay Speaks Out on TV

As the trial of 'The Pirate Bay Four' comes ever closer, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, aka 'Anakata', speaks out on TV news. Dubbed by the report as the brains behind The Pirate Bay, Gottfrid is said to run a site that is 'the scourge of the film and music industries'. "It's…

Mininova Launches Music Torrent Streaming

The popular BitTorrent site Mininova just released a set of new features, including music torrent streaming. The new music streaming feature uses a Java applet developed by BitLet, which is easy to use and compatible with all Java-enabled browsers.

The Pirate Bay and Filesharers Backed by Swedish Politicians

Two weeks ago we reported on Greens EFA launching the pro-filesharing campaign "I Wouldn't Steal". With new editorials in Swedish newspapers coinciding with The Pirate Bay's charges, it seems the Green Party is looking to push the issue forward, thereby supporting The Pirate Bay.

TorrentFreedom Offers 100% Anonymous and Unrestricted BitTorrent

With a militant style more associated with the crew of The Pirate Bay, TorrentFreedom promises to put the user back in control, by offering a new BitTorrent-optimized, zero-logging, 100% anonymous VPN service, guaranteed to punch a hole through throttling ISPs. Be quick for a free account!

Free The Pirate Bay, Wear Yellow for Sharing


In a few months from now the trial of The Pirate Bay four will start. The "Free The Pirate Bay" group on Facebook has proclaimed Friday February 8th to be "wear yellow for sharing day", so everyone can show their support for the Pirate Bay team, and filesharing in general.

The Pirate Bay Interrogations

During the two year investigation into The Pirate Bay, several people connected to the site were questioned. The Swedish police allegedly used some of the harshest (Jack Bauer like) interrogation tactics to get them to talk, with surprising results.