aXXo Temporarily Stops Releasing DVDrips

The popular DVD ripper aXXo is a BitTorrent cult figure, despised by some, worshiped by others. An estimated one million people download aXXo's rips every month and his name is among the most searched keywords on all BitTorrent sites. Not surprisingly, rumors start to spread when there is no official…

Etology Removes All BitTorrent Sites From Their Ad Network

Etology, an online advertising firm based in the U.S. announced that it will stop serving ads to all BitTorrent sites in their advertising network on December 1st. They argue that they have no other choice because of the legal implications involved and the potential risk to their advertisers, whatever that…

Iceland’s Largest BitTorrent Tracker Shut Down, the largest BitTorrent site in Iceland has been taken offline due to efforts from a coalition of anti-piracy organizations. Their request to seize all computer hardware associated with the site was rejected.

Open Letter From TorrentFreak To Brein

The infamous anti-piracy watchdog BREIN infringed our copyright earlier this week as they used a quote from one of our articles without attribution. As a follow up to our previous article, we wrote an open letter to BREIN to educate the public about their lack of respect for the rights…

The Pirate Bay Cancels OiNK Replacement

The Pirate Bay has canceled its plan to launch an OiNK replacement. BOiNK was supposed to revive the hundreds of thousands of music albums that were lost during the raid, but The Pirate Bay will leave that up to more specialized private BitTorrent trackers.

BitTorrent Comic Tracker Re-Opens Despite Marvel and DC Threats

The Z-Cult FM comic book tracker has re-opened despite threats from Marvel and DC comics. "Contrary to popular belief, United States' laws are not, in fact, applicable outside America" they told TorrentFreak. As comic publisher SLG comes out in support of this torrent site, Z-Cult restarts its trackers.