PickyPirate: Metacritic Meets BitTorrent

It's not hard to determine what's hot on BitTorrent, just go to your favorite BitTorrent site and order the results by most seeds or peers. However, finding out what's popular by people "in the know" usually requires some more steps.

MediaDefender Leaks Cost The Company $825,000

The anti-piracy organization MediaDefender lost $825,000 as a result of the leaked emails according to a recent filing submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It is beginning to look like they have to walk the plank to bankruptcy after all.

Anti-Piracy Lobby Urges Sweden To Take Down The Pirate Bay

Several anti-piracy lobbyist organizations have joined forces in urging the Swedish authorities to take "swift and decisive action" against The Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay laughed away this attempt, and assures its users that they are not doing anything illegal according to Swedish law.

Anti-Piracy Outfit Pirates TorrentFreak

The infamous Dutch anti-piracy organization BREIN has infringed TorrentFreak's copyright and blatantly copied a quote from one of our articles without attributing the source. TorrentFreak is thus considering legal action against these copy/paste pirates, where they may face a fine of up to $975,000 and several years in prison.