Growing Bigger and Better

With close to a million unique visitors a day, is by far the most popular BitTorrent meta search engine. Its unique way of indexing torrents from other popular BitTorrent sites makes it the personal favorite of many BitTorrent fans, and one of the most valuable BitTorrent resources on the…

Suprnova: What Will Change and What Will Remain The Same?

The new and improved SuprNova will be launched very soon. Sweet revenge, according to the title of Suprnova's "coming soon" page. In anticipation of the (re)launch we will list some of the new features, and some things that will remain the same.

27 Years of Warez Scene Release Info Leaked in Giant Database

Usually, when a leak is made by the warez scene, it's usually material created by someone else - a movie, music, games or software. This time the leak is of their own material. A huge pre database of 2.6 million entries has become available on the internet, containing information on…

TorrentPod Episode 42

And yet another Podcast from Charlie, late as usual due to some technical problems. Here's TorrentPod episode 42, Enjoy!

US Pirate Party Starts in Utah

The Pirate Party of the United States, a sister organization to the Swedish Piratpartiet, has officially announced that it is forming a state party in Utah. This is the first state that this burgeoning political party has announced it is forming in.