Using BitTorrent to Generate Traffic to a Website

BitTorrent is an easy and free way to distribute your own material over the internet. A video tutorial is available which covers using BitComet along with The PirateBay to create and publish a torrent, start to finish and in simple terms that even a novice can understand.

RIAA and MPAA Fund Anti-Piracy Politicians

Over the last month or two, we have seen congressional investigations started and bills proposed to deal with file sharing. Not surprisingly, these politicians receive a fair amount of money from the RIAA and MPAA. Doesn't it make you wonder , Are these politicians for hire?

The Pirate Bay Servers Remain in Custody

It has been more than a year now since the servers of The Pirate Bay were raided, but Prosecutor HÃ¥kan Roswall again managed to extend the custody by presenting some doubtful arguments to the district court. He, and his team of experts now have until October to find evidence against…