Uncovering The Dark Side of P4P


P4P is touted as the new and improved P2P. The technology has the potential to lower bandwidth costs for ISPs and speed up downloads for P4P enabled filesharing clients. There is a dark side to this new technology though. The strong anti-piracy connections are fuel for conspiracy theorists, and Net…

Find and Share Music with TinySong

TinySong is an easy to use website where users can search for music and share tracks with friends via a direct link. The website is linked to Grooveshark, a P2P powered music service, that allows users to manage and store their entire music library "in the cloud".

Noel Gallagher of Oasis Speaks Out on Piracy

Noel Gallagher from the 50 million-selling band Oasis has been chatting about piracy on the UK's Radio 1. He jokes about mainstream journalists asking him about non-existent leaks from the new album and encourages everyone to download the music of rival bands. Overall, he's pragmatic and upbeat, looking forward to…

Comcast vs. BitTorrent, What’s Next?

Yesterday, the FCC ruled that Comcast's network management practices that specifically targeted BitTorrent users, were unfair. The ruling is a small victory for Net Neutrality, but it wont stop ISPs from going after the heavy bandwidth users, not at all.

UK Game Piracy: Propaganda, Evidence and Damages

This week, alleged game pirates in the UK have been condemned to the ruination of huge fines and misery. Well, not quite. See, if defendants don't turn up in court, it's easy to get a default judgment and huge damages because no-one contests the evidence. So what's the truth and…

The Pirate Bay Appeals Italian Blockade

The Pirate Bay has decided to fight the decision of an Italian judge after it ordered ISPs to block access to the popular tracker. The blocks didn't prove particularly effective as traffic from Italy only increased but nevertheless, The Pirate Bay is determined to reverse the decision.

British Government Caught Pirating On Prime Minister’s Website

While the British government puts huge amounts of pressure on ISPs to clamp down on file-sharers, it is doing some pirating of its very own. It seems that Prime Minister Gordon Brown's own website is in serious breach of copyright, as it is based on a ripped-off Wordpress theme.