Final Fantasy XII Leaked on BitTorrent

A playable copy of Final Fantasy XII leaked onto several BitTorrent sites weeks before the planned release date. Square Enix, the makers of the game asked most of the BitTorrent site admins to take down the torrent(s) in question. It looks like most admins are complying to these requests. Several…

Anti DRM Day

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) declared October 3rd to be Anti-DRM day. Spread the word! We can make a difference! Here are ten things you can do… What is DRM? Defective by Design

Vista’s ‘virgin stack’ to speed up your torrents

Windows Vista has a brand new Network Stack. According to tests conducted on both Windows XP and Vista, the new stack might actually speed up BitTorrent transfers by an estimated 10%. We’ve been hearing a lot about how Windows Vista has a brand new ‘Network Stack‘. As I understand it,…

BitTorrent Search / Spy Widget for Mac OSX

The Web 2.0 inspired BitTorrent search engine "Fenopy" just released a widget that allows you to search for torrents, or spy on the latest torrent submissions. The widget requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

Ashwin Navin Interview

DigiTimes interviewed Ashwin Navin, president and co-founder of BitTorrent. He talks about some familiar topics like implementing DRM, peer assisted video distribution and BitTorrent beyond the PC. From the interview: DigiTimes: Can you please provide a bit of background information about BitTorrent? Navin: BitTorrent was invented in 2001 by Bram…

Popular Linux Distro Torrents

Looking for the latest Linux distro’s? At you can find most of the popular distro’s, including a short description of each one. Using BitTorrent to download the latest copy of your favorite distro is not only faster than a http or ftp mirror, it also saves the distributors some…

P2P Art

Mixed media artist and filmmaker Anders Weberg created a piece of P2P art. The experimental movie "Filter" is about by the emotional rollercoaster he went through when his son almost died.