Television Studios Embrace BitTorrent

From loathing and resisting BitTorrent and the illegal distribution of their shows to encouraging downloading and leaking pilots, TV studios have a come a long way. The creator of 'Weeds' is stoked that someone pirated her show.

uTorrent and WinZip New Targets of BitTorrent Malware

The best torrent software clients like uTorrent or Azureus are free, no strings attached. However, some companies are making money tricking novice users into installing bad clients, bad media players and even bad Winzip-like software. We expose them and their badware and show you how to block them.

The Pirate Bay Now Has a Forum

The Pirate Bay has been around for more than three years now, but it never really had an online community for people to discuss filesharing issues with fellow pirates. But now, together with the relaunch of SuprNova, they opened up a new forum at

TorrentSpam: Report Fake and Malware Ridden Torrents

The popularity of BitTorrent also has its downsides. Over the past months we reported about fake torrents, torrents that force you to download malware, and torrents that spy on your download behavior. TorrentSpam is a new service that allows you to report such scams, and clean up BitTorrent sites, bit…

Xtorrent Gets New UI, Selective Downloading

The Mac BitTorrent client with the most beautiful UI, and the only shareware one in existence, Xtorrent, has received a significant update. New features, such as Selective Downloading, have been added and its UI has gotten sleeker (if that's even possible).