Yahoo! Filters Pirate Bay From Search Results

As of this weekend, Yahoo started to filter some of Pirate Bay's pages. For some mysterious reason, several pages from the tracker disappeared from Yahoo's index. Unintentionally or not, a search for "The Pirate Bay" doesn't show a link to the homepage of the popular BitTorrent tracker.

Harvard Site Hacked and Leaked on BitTorrent

The Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences website appears to have been the subject of a major security breach, as server backups, site databases and contact databases are leaked to BitTorrent. The 125MB file is currently being tracked by The Pirate Bay.

PRQ Fire Takes Down Several Torrent Sites

A fire at Swedish hosting company PRQ, owned by two of the founders of The Pirate Bay, brought down numerous torrent sites earlier today. Whilst it didn't take out The PirateBay's site, it did take down several of their ancillary activities, as well as other BitTorrent sites hosted there.

BitTorrent Developers Introduce Comcast Busting Encryption

Several BitTorrent developers have joined forces to propose a new protocol extension with the ability to bypass the BitTorrent interfering techniques used by Comcast and other ISPs. This new form of encryption will be implemented in BitTorrent clients including uTorrent, so Comcast subscribers are free to share again.

New and Promising BitTorrent Sites

BitTorrent's popularity is still growing, and new sites are launched every day. Unfortunately it is impossible to feature all the new sites here, so we decided to post a selection of BitTorrent sites that look promising, or offer something new.

50% Of All BitTorrent Downloads are TV-Shows

Reports show that 50% of all people using BitTorrent at any given point in time do so to download TV-series, quite an impressive number. In total, over a billion TV-shows are downloaded every year, and this number continues to rise.