Pirate Targeted Advertising

McDonald’s targets Pirates: “until you can illegally download food, this is your best deal… the mcdonalds dollar menu”.

Mininova’s Server Setup

What keeps the most popular BitTorrent site on the Internet in the air? In case you ever wondered, here's the answer.

A Swarm of Angels: P2P Powered Film Model

A Swarm of Angels is a project that aims to create the first community driven film. The Film will be written, funded and distributed over the Internet. The plan is to gather a group of 50.000 people who each contribute £25 ($47.5) to join the project. The initiator Matt Hanson…

BitTorrent Sites Are Slowly Taking Over the Internet

The popularity of BitTorrent is growing every day. BitTorrent sites are on the rise, and now four of them hold positions in the top 500 most popular websites on the Internet. Even more are expected to join the club in the near future.

Zinoku: BitTorrent Site Dedicated to Magazines

Zinoku offers an extensive collection of Magazines. The site lists magazines covering all kinds of topics, including Science, Maxim, FHM, PC Magazine, Newsweek, Penthouse and Playboy It’s not really a big surprise, but as expected, the adult themed magazines are the most popular. All magazine downloads are packaged in some…

BitTorrent Inc Foresees a Future Without DRM

BitTorrent Inc. is opening it’s online media store within a couple of months. Although they will use DRM (digital rights management) in the early stages, they predict that add supported content will eventually win from DRM, not only in BitTorrent’s store Ashwin Navin, president and co-founder of BitTorrent told IDG…