The Pirate Bay Takes Stand Against Wiretapping Law

The Pirate Bay likes to get involved in Swedish politics every now and then, to stand up for their rights and those of others. Today they take a stand against a new law proposal that would make it possible for the government to track phone calls, emails and everything else…

Swedish Left Party Wants to Legalize Piracy

This Sunday, the Swedish Left Party voted in favor of a motion calling for the legalization of sharing copyrighted files for personal use. The party, which currently holds 22 seats in the Swedish parliament, sees piracy as something positive, much like public libraries.

TorrentTrader Classic Vulnerable to IP Authorization Bypass

A security researcher has found a vulnerability in the TorrentTrader tracker software which can be exploited to leak the contents of a site's IP database. This database can then be used to gain unauthorized access to a site's tracker. The vendor has been informed and a fix is available.

Artist Releases Album Exclusively on Demonoid

When Nine Inch Nails decided to give away their latest album for free, the news soon spread all over the Internet. However, NiN was not the first, nor will they be the last. Tens and thousands of artists share their music on Demonoid, The Pirate Bay, Mininova and other BitTorrent…

Be Afraid of BitTorrent, Very, Very Afraid

A new file-sharing service called Rhever is using an interesting tactic to get customers. It appears to be trying to scare users away from BitTorrent and LimeWire, and onto its service. Their promo videos are entertaining, I admit that, but are you scared enough dump torrents and try it? I…

BPI and Virgin Media Agree to Start Warning Uploaders

The British Phonographic Industry and UK ISP Virgin Media have done a deal which will see thousands of file-sharers getting warnings. The BPI will use its resources to track file sharers and will then hand the information to Virgin who will send out their own warnings to the customer along…

Study Reveals Reckless Anti-Piracy Antics

A new paper from the University of Washington department of Computer Science and Engineering, has investigated a problem with current DMCA notices and the methods used in dealing with them. It puts further pressure on anti-p2p groups like BayTSP to validate their claims.