Major Victory Within Reach For European File-Sharers

European file-sharers were given a huge legal boost today when the Advocate General to the European Court of Justice declared that EU law does not allow Internet Service Providers to be forced to reveal the personal details of people accused of file sharing.

Hilarious Mininova Support E-mails

Our friend Niek who runs mininova posted a series of hilarious e-mails that he received from Mininova users. A sneak peek into the daily business of a BitTorrent site admin.

TorrentFreak Under Attack?

Our server took some terrible beats over the past few hours. Was it Harry Potter's magic spell? Or perhaps our anti-piracy friends?

XBTIT: Bringing BitTorrent Tracker Ownership Within Reach

The decision to become an administrator of a BitTorrent tracker can be a difficult one. Even if one puts aside the issues surrounding legality in certain countries, to the inexperienced there's a technical mountain to climb. Thanks to XBTIT team, the mountain has eased to a small incline, bringing tracker…