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First Russian BitTorrent User Sentenced, Activists Call For Support

With rampant piracy across much of Russia, one could be forgiven for thinking they don't care about copyright there. That assertion is now up for debate as the first BitTorrent user in Russia is sentenced for illegally distributing software, with anti-copyright activists calling for people to jump on a torrent…

What Happened to Demonoid, Will it Ever Return?

Ever since Demonoid decided to pull the plug following pressure from the CRIA, thousands of members are wondering what happened. Perhaps even more importantly, they are asking themselves this: Is Demonoid ever going to come back?

Behind The Scenes of the Swiss DMCA Fight

Whilst America is often considered by many to be the home of overreaching and overprotective copyright laws, the Swiss government has decided that it can do better, and so quietly passed a bill in an attempt to catch the US. However, the Swiss won't accept such a law without a…

BitTorrent XXX Next Target For Anti-Pirates

The main fear of many BitTorrent users is that of being traced while sharing copyright works. Although only a tiny minority get into trouble, that fear is likely to increase for those sharing hardcore porn on BitTorrent, as Swiss company Logistep steps in to help lawyers prise cash from the…

Porn Company Vivid Sues Its Own Customer Over Copyright

Vivid, the world's leading adult film company is sueing PornoTube, a YouTube-like site offering XXX content. Vivid claims that its content is available on PornoTube without permission or compliance with age verification rules. Interestingly, PornoTube's owner, AEBN, is actually a Vivid customer already.