Multiple Police Raids Take Down BitTorrent Tracker

German police searched several locations this week in their efforts to close down a BitTorrent tracker they claim was involved in the distribution of movies and other copyrighted material, including a pre-released computer game.

Subscribe to TV Shows Using BitTorrent and TVNanny

TVNanny is a BitTorrent site specializing in the indexing of TV show torrents. Using a subscription based interface, it's possible to automatically download your favorite TV show episodes to your PC, utilizing the RSS feature in your chosen torrent client.

New and Promising Torrent Sites

BitTorrent is the most widely used P2P protocol. New BitTorrent sites emerge regularly and we at TorrentFreak often get requests from people to write about their BitTorrent startups. Because it is nearly impossible to showcase all the new sites here on TorrentFreak, we decided to post a selection of some…

BitTorrent Malware Spreads to Media Players

When someone or something becomes a huge success, inevitably some people want a piece of that and try to cash in. The BitTorrent scene is no exception and in recent months we have reported on a raft of torrent clients hitting the internet, each installing malware on unsuspecting user's PC's.…

Tribler: A Next Generation BitTorrent Client?

The latest version of the "social" BitTorrent client Tribler integrates BitTorrent with YouTube while offering the best of both worlds: ease of use, browsing with thumbnails, HDTV quality, and Video on Demand support. The client uses an recommendation system to suggest what you might enjoy.

Police Has No Evidence Against The Pirate Bay

It has been almost a year now since the controversial raid on The Pirate Bay. Recently, Prosecutor HÃ¥kan Roswall said that he was determined to press charges against the admins of The Pirate Bay. However, new information has leaked which shows that the Swedish police has nothing to give to…