Virgin Media Denies Doing a Deal to Disconnect Pirates

Virgin Media, the ISP accused of doing a deal with the British Phonographic Industry to disconnect persistent file-sharers from the internet, has denied the reports. Calling such measures "draconian", Virgin went on to say they raise both privacy and legal issues.

Warez Scene Members Facing 5 Years in Prison

Five so-called 'warez scene' members have been indicted on charges of conspiring to commit copyright infringement. For the unauthorized sharing of tens of thousands of files, the men face five years in prison and fines of $250,000 on each count.

Movie Director Says it is OK to Pirate His Movie

Last weekend, a CAM version of the Norwegian movie "Lange Flate Ballær II" leaked onto several BitTorrent sites. Quite surprisingly, the producer doesn't hold a grudge against the person who leaked the film. Instead, he thinks it's an honor that someone took the effort to record it in a movie…

BitTorrent Throttling: Interview With Gemini Project

Every week there is more controversy as ISPs continue to limit, throttle and otherwise interfere with P2P traffic. For those people who think their ISP is meddling with their traffic, there is a new system available to confirm it. TorrentFreak catches up with the creators of Gemini Project.

Swedish Artists Want to Legalize Filesharing

A recent survey among Swedish musicians has found that 38% of the artists want filesharing to be be legalized. The artists argue that sharing their files on p2p-networks could promote their work, especially in the early stages of their career.

Don’t Be a BitTorrent Fool Today

It isn't just on April Fool's Day that people will be tricked into paying money for otherwise free BitTorrent related stuff on the internet. Ever wondered exactly what's inside these guides that promise to speed up your torrents? Read on, as we turn the tables on those charging for freely…