BitTorrent Brings Evil Villain Back from the Dead

When anti-piracy outfits describe BitTorrent users, very often they demonize them by labeling them as evil thieves who do nothing but bad. Their collective propaganda departments will blow a fuse when they discover that at least one user has downloaded material in order to bring an evil villain back to…

BitTorrent Continues to Dominate Internet Traffic

A recent analysis of the latest P2P trends wordwide shows that BitTorrent is still the most popular filesharing protocol. BitTorrent traffic is still on the rise and responsible for 50-75% of all P2P traffic and roughly 40% of all Internet traffic.

‘Heroes’ Star Recognizes Benefits of BitTorrent

The actor who plays the time-and-space warping 'Hiro Nakamura' in the hit US TV show 'Heroes' has made some positive comments about file-sharing after it became evident that French fans had either teleported into the future and watched the show before it aired on TV, or maybe downloaded it using…

More BitTorrent Trackers Shut Down, Owner’s Cover Blown

Hosting a BitTorrent tracker at Leaseweb in the Netherlands has been considered by some to be a great option, offering value for money and good service. However, if you asked the administrators of Araditracker, BitHQ and PeerPortal what they think of this host, don't expect a positive answer - Leaseweb…

Congressman wants ISPs to be Copyright Police

With warrentless wiretapping sweeping the US, a leading congressman is proposing similar measures for the Internet. This isn't an attempt at 'fighting terror' but instead a new measure to reduce so-called 'piracy' by making the ISPs the police force