The Pirate Bay: Demonoid is Welcome in Sweden

After two months of downtime, it is still uncertain whether Demonoid will ever return. However, if it is up to The Pirate Bay, it will. The Pirate Bay has recently offered 2 servers to the Demonoid team, in Sweden of course.

Trading BitTorrent Tracker Invites , Commodity or Curse?


In recent months, many private trackers have moved to an invite-based system in an attempt to try and weed out so-called 'bad peers'. They do this through a chain of trust. Many users, though, are attempting to use invites for their own profit, putting themselves and others into the firing…

MediaDefender Hacker Speaks Out

In September 2007, anti-piracy company MediaDefender's emails went public after a hacker gained access to their systems. The attacks cost the company a huge amount of money, not to mention acute embarrassment. Now the person behind the attacks speaks.

Video: How People Are Tracked Using BitTorrent

Being tracked by anti-piracy organizations and receiving infringement notices on file-sharing networks is becoming more common. A security project manager has just released a short video showing how it's done.

TorrentFreak Interviews a Lawyer Defending 500 File-Sharers

In 2007, Germany was of the world's most risky places to share files with an estimated 200,000 people receiving threats of legal action. We talk to a lawyer helping to defend five hundred of them, examine the legality of tracking systems and look at how data being stored by ISPs…