6 Ways to Download Torrents with your Web-Browser


Wouldn't it be easier if people can download .torrent files with their web-browser? This is a question BitTorrent novices often the ask. Last year Opera was the first browser to add BitTorrent support, soon followed by BitFox, FireStorm, FoxTorrent, AllPeers, and Wyzo/FireTorrent. Here's an overview of these applications and extensions…

Using BitTorrent to Generate Traffic to a Website

BitTorrent is an easy and free way to distribute your own material over the internet. A video tutorial is available which covers using BitComet along with The PirateBay to create and publish a torrent, start to finish and in simple terms that even a novice can understand.

RIAA and MPAA Fund Anti-Piracy Politicians

Over the last month or two, we have seen congressional investigations started and bills proposed to deal with file sharing. Not surprisingly, these politicians receive a fair amount of money from the RIAA and MPAA. Doesn't it make you wonder , Are these politicians for hire?