Tribler: A Next Generation BitTorrent Client?

The latest version of the "social" BitTorrent client Tribler integrates BitTorrent with YouTube while offering the best of both worlds: ease of use, browsing with thumbnails, HDTV quality, and Video on Demand support. The client uses an recommendation system to suggest what you might enjoy.

Police Has No Evidence Against The Pirate Bay

It has been almost a year now since the controversial raid on The Pirate Bay. Recently, Prosecutor HÃ¥kan Roswall said that he was determined to press charges against the admins of The Pirate Bay. However, new information has leaked which shows that the Swedish police has nothing to give to…

The Pirate Bay to Launch YouTube Competitor

There had been rumours abound about The Pirate Bay launching a streaming video site. It has now been confirmed by the TPB guys that they are in fact in the process of building a YouTube competitor.

Shining Light on the Warez Darknet: A Scene Insider Speaks

When a site publishes an article about the infamous world of digital pirates known as the 'warez scene', controversy is never far away. Some feel that the 'Scene' should be treated like 'Fight Club' and never spoken about. Others are frustrated because they want the full story: How do you…

Despite Worldwide Search, RISCISO Warez Leader Escapes US Justice

Last year, Sean O'Toole was named by US authorities as the ring-leader of scene release group, RISCISO. After being ordered to appear in a Chicago court during February 2006 and facing 5 years in a US jail, a $250,000 fine plus a possible million-dollar restitution claim, O'Toole disappeared.

BitTorrent in Focus: TV-series are Hot

Almost 50% of all people using BitTorrent at any given point in time do this to download TV-series, while only 10% of the available torrents are TV related. People who download TV-shows also have one of the best share ratios, only Anime fanatics beat them.