Swedes To Be Wiretapped, Despite Protests

Despite public protests both online and on the streets of Stockholm, the Swedish parliament has voted in favor of a new "wiretapping" law which invades the privacy of its citizens by allowing the government to monitor web traffic and phone calls, without the need for court orders or similar authorization.

3-Strikes Law to Disconnect French Pirates

Over the past few months, many countries have looked into the possibility of disconnecting file-sharers from the Internet. Today, France is the first to present their new "3-strikes" law, which allows anti-piracy outfits such as IFPI, RIAA and MPAA to police the Internet.

Kid Rock: Don’t Just Steal Music, Steal Everything

With his tongue firmly in his cheek, Kid Rock has been commenting on file-sharing again but says he doesn't need to steal himself, because he's rich - but not rich enough, as it turns out. Kid Rock announced that he's boycotting iTunes because he says between Apple and the labels,…

Top 10 Most Pirated TV Shows on BitTorrent (wk24)

TV shows are by far the most wanted files via BitTorrent, and according to some, it's fast becoming the modern day TiVo. But what are all those people downloading? Let's find out, and take a look at this weeks "Most pirated TV-episodes" chart.

Crazy Video Game DRM Prism, 1980’s Style

These days, although DRM is almost universally hated, it's not a new reaction - people have always hated it. We take a look at an innovative device designed to thwart 1980's pirates and hope and pray that no-one reintroduces this one. Love it or hate it, it's one of the…

Azureus is Dead, Vuze Goes Social

After 5 years, the popular BitTorrent client Azureus is no more. The Vuze team has officially abandoned the Azureus name and the new "social" BitTorrent client is now completely integrated into the Vuze content distribution platform.

Survey Shows Huge Demand for Legal P2P

A recent study on the music consumption habits of today's youth shows that most of them download music illegally. However, music is more popular than ever and 80 percent of the participants indicate that they would pay for a legal filesharing service, if only one was available.