Piracy, Morals and The Need for Change


Morals are often defined by what the general public sees as right or wrong. Most people don't feel that they're doing wrong when they download an MP3 or share a movie, but in most countries they are actually breaking laws, laws which do not reflect what the general public considers…

MediaDefender Stock Plunges Due to Leaked Emails

It has been a rough year for MediaDefender and their parent company ArtistDirect. This September nearly 700mb of MediaDefender's emails leaked to the public. Initially it didn't seem to affect the stock price much, but after the financial consequences became apparent, their net worth plunged.

Japanese File-Sharing Population Explodes

In just over a year the number of internet users file-sharing in Japan has increased by a staggering 180%, says the results of an online survey. The average number of files downloaded has more than doubled.

Pirate Bay Use Peer Power to Take Back the Grammys

The Pirate Bay is encouraging its users to vote for Familjen, an independent artists who is nominated for a Swedish Grammy. They are using the power of peers to break with the tradition of music cartels that reward their own artists, and to annoy the IFPI of course.

Yahoo! Found Guilty of Mass Copyright Infringement

It is being reported by the IPFI that Yahoo China's music search feature violates the law when it deep links users to pirated music. Yahoo China's music search has been confirmed illegal in a Beijing court ruling which states that under new copyright laws it facilitates mass copyright infringement.

Klaxxon Starts Where aXXo Left Off

A few weeks ago we reported that the popular DVD ripper aXXo decided to take a break and stopped releasing new material for the time being. Around the same time a new face entered the non-scene scene and whenever people searched for aXXo torrents, KLAXXON rips started to appear.