Opera 9.50 Kestrel Adds BitTorrent Peer Exchange

Opera, the popular multi-platform browser has supported BitTorrent for some time now. After more than a year of development, the release of v9.50 Alpha sees the introduction of a uTorrent compatible Peer Exchange feature which will hopefully help to speed up transfers and reduce tracker load.

BitTorrent Brings Evil Villain Back from the Dead

When anti-piracy outfits describe BitTorrent users, very often they demonize them by labeling them as evil thieves who do nothing but bad. Their collective propaganda departments will blow a fuse when they discover that at least one user has downloaded material in order to bring an evil villain back to…

BitTorrent Continues to Dominate Internet Traffic

A recent analysis of the latest P2P trends wordwide shows that BitTorrent is still the most popular filesharing protocol. BitTorrent traffic is still on the rise and responsible for 50-75% of all P2P traffic and roughly 40% of all Internet traffic.

‘Heroes’ Star Recognizes Benefits of BitTorrent

The actor who plays the time-and-space warping 'Hiro Nakamura' in the hit US TV show 'Heroes' has made some positive comments about file-sharing after it became evident that French fans had either teleported into the future and watched the show before it aired on TV, or maybe downloaded it using…