IFPI Expert Witness in Pirate Bay Case Worked for IFPI

The only expert witness used in the case where the IFPI campaigned for The Pirate Bay to be blocked in Denmark, was previously employed by the IFPI. Now working for an anti-piracy company, Kristian Løkkegaard used to work for a law firm serving the IFPI but the court didn't know…

The Pirate Bay Smashes 12,000,000 BitTorrent Users

The notorious Pirate Bay BitTorrent tracker has reached yet another milestone as it serves more than 12 million peers. The site is also throwing down a challenge: They want every Pirate Bay peer to tell a friend - and get 20 million on the tracker soon.

Subscribe to TV Shows Using BitTorrent on OSX

Last year TorrentFreak covered the TV-Shows application which allowed the user to subscribe to TV shows using BitTorrent. Some people are reporting that the app isn't working for them so for those that don't mind working at a solution, here is a tutorial to achieve the same, using freely available…

Anti-Piracy Blunder Shuts Down BitTorrent Tracker

A large BitTorrent tracker dealing only in documentaries has been shutdown after an anti-piracy company wrongfully identified content being tracked by the site. The 150,000 member site, which has had just "one mildly upset" copyright-related email in 4 years of operation, is moving to a new host.

BitTorrent Throttling ISPs Exposed by Azureus

Data collected by the BitTorrent client Azureus shows that Comcast might only be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to BitTorrent throttling ISPs. Early findings show that customers from quite a few other Internet service providers experience an unusually high amount of TCP-resets.