Distributes Free Satellite Imagery is a relatively new BitTorrent website that's distributing, what it claims to be legal, Satellite images and geospatial data, something that would be impossible over HTTP considering file sizes can go up to 87 GB.

Documentary: The Secret Life of Adolf Hitler

The Secret Life of Adolf Hitler is a TV documentary from 1958, narrated by Westbrook Van Voorhis, that ended up in the public domain. The documentary includes some rare homemade videos shot by Eva Braun, and interviews with his sister Paula Wolf, his driver, and other people that surrounded him.

BitTorrent Shows Explosive Growth in Germany

A recent analysis of the latest P2P trends in Germany shows that BitTorrent is now the most popular filesharing protocol in the country, leaving eDonkey behind for the first time. This growth can be called explosive because more than 50% of the German filesharers now use BitTorrent, in 2005 this…