AllPeers Releases “P2P Firefox”

Allpeers, the "BitTorrent powered" Firefox extension just released version 0.60 which includes some major improvements and a FireFox bundle for people who don't have the popular browser installed yet. With AllPeers you can easily share pictures, music, videos, and web pages with your friends within Firefox.

Anti-DRM T-Shirt Designs: Vote Now


We don't like DRM, and we're not the only one. Unfortunately, the majority of the movie companies and record labels still think it's the best way to "protect" their music. Let us show them it's not, it only hinders honest customers.

Documentary: Good Copy Bad Copy

Good Copy Bad Copy is a great documentary discussing the current state of copyright, piracy and free culture. A .torrent can be downloaded over at The Pirate Bay, for free of course.

IFPI claims piracy is ‘Made in China’

If you were to take press statements made by the anti-piracy lobbyists, everyone in South East Asia is busy camcording movies, working in 'illicit replication factories' or smuggling people across borders to sell counterfeit CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes. They're also responsible for global warming, the fall of society in…

Movie Chief: Pre-Release Piracy Makes No Impact on Box Office

The last time a workprint copy of a high profile movie hit the web, a BitTorrent site got shutdown by the FBI and several people went to jail. A US citizen caught seeding a pre-release movie faces 5 years in jail but according to the President of movie company Lions…

The Pirate Bay: One year After the Raid

Today it's exactly one year since the controversial raid on The Pirate Bay. Unlike the MPAA would have wanted, TPB is still online, more popular than ever. Let's look back at last years events.