More BitTorrent Trackers Shut Down, Owner’s Cover Blown

Hosting a BitTorrent tracker at Leaseweb in the Netherlands has been considered by some to be a great option, offering value for money and good service. However, if you asked the administrators of Araditracker, BitHQ and PeerPortal what they think of this host, don't expect a positive answer - Leaseweb…

Congressman wants ISPs to be Copyright Police

With warrentless wiretapping sweeping the US, a leading congressman is proposing similar measures for the Internet. This isn't an attempt at 'fighting terror' but instead a new measure to reduce so-called 'piracy' by making the ISPs the police force MPAA Extortion at its Finest

The MPAA and their fellow anti-piracy organizations send out thousands of infringement notices. Only a fraction of these are played out in court, and those that do make it into court are settled at an early stage. So why not circumvent the whole legal system, and gently coerce people to…

TorrentSpy Blocks Searches From US Visitors

Starting today, TorrentSpy blocks all searches from US visitors and redirects them to a privacy statement. TorrentSpy is caught up in a lawsuit in which the MPAA demands that TorrentSpy hands over all user info stored in "random access memory" (RAM).

Anime Distributor Has No Legal Right to Threaten BitTorrent Users

A company that tracked thousands of users sharing anime via BitTorrent has lost its legal battle to force an ISP to reveal its customer's details. The company would've used the information to demand $3,500 in compensation from each person they tracked - a plan which now lies in ruins.