Hip-Hop Artist Refuses To Stand Against The Pirate Bay

A Swedish hip-hop artist who the IFPI used as leverage in their legal battle against The Pirate Bay, wants nothing to do with the case. Without consultation, the IFPI were claiming damages on his behalf from The Pirate Bay, even though they don't even own the rights to his music.

Purdue University Launches P2P Network to Bypass RIAA

College students have always had the dubious distinction of being easy marks in the target against P2P file sharing. As of February 2007, the RIAA has dispatched thirteen new waves of litigation letters against U.S. University students in their 'deterrence' campaign aimed at more than 5,000 students. But one University…

The Pirate Bay Demands Compensation for IFPI Block

The Pirate Bay has announced that it will file a complaint to ask for compensation from the IFPI for the traffic which was destined for its site, but blocked by the Danish ISP Tele2. If they win, the money will be spent on funding independent artists who share their music…

TorrentFreak’s Top 10 YouTorrent Alternatives

After YouTorrent decided that they were only interested in indexing a relatively tiny amount of licensed content from seven other sites, their links to content dropped dramatically. If the word on the BitTorrent streets is to be believed, their users are doing the same. But where will they go for…

YouTorrent Goes Legal, and Up For Sale

In just a matter of weeks since its launch, YouTorrent has become one of the most popular BitTorrent meta-search engines. This weekend, however, it revealed a shift in strategy and it now only indexes sites that host torrent files linking to "licensed" content.

Virgin Media CEO Says Net Neutrality is “A Load of Bollocks”

The new CEO of Virgin Media is putting his cards on the table early, branding net neutrality "a load of bollocks" and claiming he's already doing deals to deliver some people's content faster than others. If you aren't prepared to cough up the extra cash, he says he'll put you…

Demonoid Is Back Online

Yesterday, we reported that the popular BitTorrent tracker Demonoid was to be resurrected, under a new administrator. Now, less that a day later the site has made its comeback after exactly 6 months of downtime.