FoxTorrent: Another BitTorrent Firefox Extension

FoxTorrent is a BitTorrent extension for Firefox, developed by the Silicon Valley based company RedSwoosh. The extension makes it possible to download .torrent files in Firefox, and integrates BitTorrent downloads with Swoosh links.

TV Wars: BitTorrent to the Rescue

Millions of UK viewers who have already paid for access to shows such as Lost, 24 and Battlestar Galactica are now facing blank television screens because of a dispute between Virgin Media and BSkyB. They now face a stark choice: miss the shows they love so much, or download them…

MPAA: We Were Only Testing Forest Blog

The MPAA have responded to the claims that they illegally used Patrick Robin's blogging software. They say they were only testing it, and that the blog was "never advertised to the public in any way". I wonder what would happen if a filesharer said he was just "testing" a movie.

Top 20 Less Known BitTorrent Sites

We all know about mininova, The Pirate Bay and Torrentz, but what few know is that there are a host of less known torrent sites that also have some great, and sometimes rare, content. Here are 20 of these less known torrent sites.

Discover and Download Free Music Albums with The Spiral

Jamendo just added a great new feature to their site that makes it easier to discover new music from their collection of over 2500 free music albums. It's like a remix of the Digg Swarm and Pandora, incuding free BitTorrent downloads.