6th EliteTorrents Star-Wars Pre-Release Guilty Plea

Another uploader to the EliteTorrents BitTorrent tracker has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement and criminal copyright infringement of a pre-commercial release work. Getting involved in the pre-release of Star-Wars Ep III could land him 5 years in jail and a $250,000 fine.

TV Broadcasters Experimenting with BitTorrent

The popularity of BitTorrent is still growing. Tomorrow a new version of the Tribler BitTorrent client will be released at a seminar of European TV bosses in Geneva. Tribler is a Bittorrent client which aims to grow into a Youtube-like solution for Internet TV with torrent recommendations, search capabilities without…

Protect Yourself from eDonkey Spy Servers

Connecting to a bad ed2k server can have some nasty consequences. They monitor your activities and report to anti-p2p outfits. They direct you to non-existent files, corrupted fakes and hide files which others genuinely want to share. Learn how to protect yourself.

Sealand Prefers Hacker to The Pirate Bay

The micronation Sealand is offering asylum to Gary McKinnon, a British hacker who's facing extradition to the United States. Prince Michael Bates of Sealand apparently prefers hackers to pirates. Earlier this year he refused to sell its micronation to the Pirate Bay because this would upset his friends in Hollywood.

aXXo Torrents Exploited by Malware Peddlers

When someone becomes a success by earning the admiration of their peers, there will always be the 'hangers on' who want to share the spoils of success. For aXXo, the most popular DVD ripper on BitTorrent, it's about people using his name to further their own, sinister aim: to install…

Streaming and Downloading Torrents in Firefox

FoxTorrent is a BitTorrent extension for Firefox that makes it possible to download and stream torrents within Firefox. Last month we already reported the leak of an internal beta version, but today FoxTorrent 1.0 was officially released.