University Bans BitTorrent Sites

While students at universities in the US are pressured by the RIAA, Cardiff University citing pressure from increasing numbers of copyright infringement notices, has taken out a blunt instrument and banned it's students from accessing some of the world's largest BitTorrent sites, regardless of the legitimate content they contain.

DRM Killing Video Store

The BitTorrent Video Store that was launched less than two weeks ago is facing some serious DRM issues. It is virtually impossible to play a great deal of the Movies and TV-shows they sell on computers that have a graphics driver older than 20 months.

AllPeers Goes Open Source

Allpeers is a P2P extension for Firefox that allows you to share pictures, music, and movies via BitTorrent. There's no interface to download "normal" torrents yet, but this may change now AllPeers decoded to go open-source.

P2P Projects Dominate SourceForge Top10

We all know how popular file-sharing has become but with six file-sharing applications occupying the first six places in SourceForge's Top 10 All-Time Downloads, surely the people have spoken. We love sharing files and we enjoy - no, we demand - Open Source!