OiNK Investigation: Police Start Making Arrests

TorrentFreak has received information which suggests that British police have made good on their claim that they would go after ex-users of OiNK. Last week, several officers arrested at least one individual for the seeding of a single album. It is believed police are in the process of arresting and…

Revision3 Sends FBI after MediaDefender

The popular Internet television network Revision3 suffered from a severe DDoS attack, launched by the infamous anti-piracy organization MediaDefender. After targeting The Pirate Bay's trackers, MediaDefender apparently thought it was a good idea to spread their fake torrents through Revision3.

Comcast Hacked in BitTorrent Throttling Payback?

It has become apparent during the last few hours that Comcast, everyone's favorite ISP (especially in the BitTorrent world) has been hacked. The message on the homepage read: "KRYOGENIKS EBK and DEFIANT RoXed COMCAST."

MPAA Threatens World’s Premier Usenet Indexer

Newzbin, considered by many to be the internet's premier indexer and .nzb provider, is under legal threat from the MPAA. The site, which was the creator of Usenet's answer to the .torrent file, will likely have to undergo significant changes in order to appease the movie studios.

CRIA Orders ShutDown of What.cd, Other Major BitTorrent Trackers

A company which hosts many BitTorrent trackers has been ordered by the CRIA to close at least four major sites. Moxie Colo was issued with cease and desist notices and ordered to hand over the owners data and site logs of What.cd, SumoTracker, BTMon and FullDls. They are told to…

Mininova, 5 Billion Downloads and Counting

Today, one of Mininova's users will will have the honor to download the 5 billionth torrent, an impressive figure for a site that has only been around for little over three years. If Mininova continues to grow at this rate, we might see the 10 billionth download before the year…

RIAA Declares Victory Over AllofMP3, Drops Lawsuit

The RIAA has declared victory over Russian music download store AllofMP3, which it accused of the illegal distribution of millions of copyright tracks. The site, which was declared legal by a court last October, no longer offers music - but has spawned dozens of fully operational spin-offs. Victory for RIAA?…