The Pirate Bay in the Hot Seat

Gottfrid "Anakata" and Peter "Brokep" from the Pirate Bay took place in Computer Swedens "hot seat" this week, where the readers asked them questions (Swedish) about their income, copyright infringement, Sealand and more. We translated the interview for all The Pirate Bay fans outside Sweden.

The Pirate Bay: Serving over 4 Million Torrents a Day

The Pirate Bay, one of the most popular BitTorrent sites on the Internet, posted some interesting stats. At the moment 53 .torrent files are downloaded from The Pirate Bay every second, which adds up to 4,579,200 torrents a day.

Mark Cuban: BitTorrent is Doomed


The self-acclaimed guru of IPTV, Mark Cuban claims that P2P, and more specifically, BitTorrent is doomed. Apparently, "conflicting clients", lack of knowledge, limited Internet plans, and "bandwidth premiums" are going to be jointly responsible for the death of BitTorrent.

Isohunt Back Online

The popular BitTorrent search engine Isohunt is back online, a week after its ISP decided to pull the plug.

Grooveshark to Offer Legal P2P Alternative

Grooveshark is yet another attempt by a company to legalise the sharing of copyrighted music online. The upcoming service will be completely web based, and make use of Peer-to-Peer technology for the distribution of content.

Malicious BitTorrent Clients: Torrent101 & Bitroll

Torrent101 and Bitroll are two relatively new BitTorrent clients that can seriously damage your computer. The worst thing about it is that popular sites like Torrentspy, Torrentscan, and even The Pirate Bay display ads for them.

Filesharing News Site up for Sale

One of the most popular and prolific filesharing news sites, is up for sale. In a post on the site, Canadian owner Jon writes that he no longer has the time and money to run We were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with him.