BitTorrent, Uncensoring Independent Filmmakers

As previously shown, BitTorrent can be a boon to the independent film-maker. Usually a lack of money restricts the distribution of a film, but occasionally the content works against it. As well as the promotion of new, aspiring talent, torrents can be used to spread films which may be politically…

The Pirate’s Dilemma

Pirates are innovators, they signal market problems and lead the way to new business models. Nevertheless, they are tagged as thieves by many. We invited Matt Mason, author of the book "The Pirate's Dilemma: How Youth Culture Is Reinventing Capitalism", to write an article on the "pirate's dilemma" for TorrentFreak.

Sweden’s Biggest File-Sharing Case Goes to Retrial

A court case involving a man who allegedly made 23,000 music tracks and 30 movies available on file-sharing networks will go to a retrial. The outcome of the case could decide if, in the future, police are entitled to raid file-sharers homes in pursuit of evidence.

WeStream: Streaming Music From A Torrent File

WeStream is a new applet that allows you to listen to individual music tracks, streamed from .torrent files. The applet is developed by BitLet, has a great interface, and is compatible with all Java-enabled browsers.

Have You Been Punked By TOTC?

For the last four years people have been downloading the latest albums of their favorite artists, blissfully unaware that they have been modified. From The Pirate Bay to OiNK, downloaders have been getting unique versions, unavailable in the shops, all thanks to The Overdub Tampering Committee.

Sceners Threaten to Destroy BitTorrent, “One Step at a Time”

SuperTorrents recently fell victim to an attack by alleged 'Scene' members who revealed the site owner's identity. Further action was promised against torrent sites and today another tracker admin's life has been turned upside down. The attacker's message: "Destroying The P2P's, One Step at a Time"