Demonoid Invites Anyone?

A couple of months ago we posted that demonoid's registration opened (for a couple of hours). It closed soon after that, but visitors kept asking for invites in the comments.

The Piratebay joins war against Ladonia

The Piratebay openly supports the war against Ladonia, a micronation located in the south of Sweden. Yet another political statement by those fearless pirates. TPB supports an initiative by the AFCI to help the Ladonians in their quest for internet connectivity. The AFCI demands: * No copyright laws! * Internets…

Filesharing gains popularity in Japan

Filesharing is getting more popular in Japan according to a recent survey by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ). 3.5 percent of the Japanese Internet users is actively using p2p software to share files, compared to 2.7 percent last year.

You are a Pirate!

Pirates are popular these days, Pirate Parties are popping up like mushrooms, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest is leading the BitTorrent movie download chart, and became the fastest film ever to go beyond $300 million in Canada and the US. so sing along.. You are a Pirate! WoW!

Online Freedom of Speech Fundraiser

P2Pnet owner Jon Newton is facing a libel suit filed by Kazaa CEO Nikki Hemming. To help Newton with his legal fees, Toronto based singer/songwriter Neil Leyton has written a song about the situation, and has organized a fundraiser for August 5th at the Rivoli, with fellow Fading Ways Music…

Towards a RSS 2.0 BitTorrent Standard

SqrtBoy published a whitepaper on discussing his ideas on how BitTorrent webmasters should design their BitTorrent RSS feeds. SqrtBoy is known for his work on Torrent Trader Lite, VBTT, IPBTT and other several BitTorrent tracker php/mysql scripts. It is great to see that someone is proposing a standard for BitTorrent…

BitTorrent Movie Download Chart (wk29)

A weekly returning chart listing the most popular BitTorrent movie downloads. Ranking Movie Seeds / Peers 1 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest 49,397 2 Superman Returns 47,792 3 Nacho Libre 47,298 4 Click 45,102 5 Cars 43,289 6 X-Men: The Last Stand 41,951 7 The Devil Wears Prada…