IFPI: ISPs Should Block BitTorrent and The Pirate Bay

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) is trying to convince European lawmakers that ISPs should take extreme measures to fight piracy. They suggest that ISPs should block access to websites such as The Pirate Bay, and block filesharing protocols, no matter what they're being used for.

Christmas Brings Freedom and Hope for Jailed BitTorrent Admin

After 2005 FBI raid, sk0t, the admin of EliteTorrents, was arrested and subsequently jailed. After serving his time he was fitted with an ankle monitor which restricted his movement when released. This Christmas, sk0t got a great gift - he was allowed to remove his digital shackle. He talks to…

The Pirate Bay: Torrents and Peers Double in 2007

Hollywood had hoped otherwise, but it has been a good year for The Pirate Bay, despite all the legal hassles. Most impressive is the explosive growth in number of torrents and peers that are using the Pirate Bay tracker.

Man Downloads TV Shows and Gets a $54,000 Cell Phone Bill

A man who went on a TV show downloading spree after misunderstanding the terms of his cellphone contract has been hit with a bill for $54,000. The factory worker, 29, who fears being made bankrupt said: "I just laughed out loud. How on earth could I afford to pay that?"…

Shareaza.com Hijacked and Turned Into a Scam Site

Shareaza.com, the home of the hugely popular Shareaza multi-network sharing application, has been hijacked by scammers. Unsuspected visitors to the site will be completely unaware that they will be tricked into downloading something that isn't Shareaza at all, but subscription-based malware infected software instead.

Piracy, Morals and The Need for Change


Morals are often defined by what the general public sees as right or wrong. Most people don't feel that they're doing wrong when they download an MP3 or share a movie, but in most countries they are actually breaking laws, laws which do not reflect what the general public considers…

MediaDefender Stock Plunges Due to Leaked Emails

It has been a rough year for MediaDefender and their parent company ArtistDirect. This September nearly 700mb of MediaDefender's emails leaked to the public. Initially it didn't seem to affect the stock price much, but after the financial consequences became apparent, their net worth plunged.