Bram Cohen on the Web2.0 Show

BitTorrent founder Bram Cohen was interviewed by Chris and Josh on the Web2.0 Show. Bram talks about BitTorrent’s deal with the MPAA and Warner Bros. And about the past and the future of his amazing filesharing protocol. No breaking news, but it’s a good podcast. link

Privacy Prevails, BREIN Loses

Dutch anti-p2p organization BREIN has been thwarted in its bid to force five ISPs to reveal the identities of alleged file sharers

The Pig and the Box

A heartbreaking tale about a pig that invents his very own DRM to protect the powers of the magic box he found. Inspired by the harsh Anti-Piracy campaigns targeted at kids. The Pig and the Box is about a pig who finds a magic box that can replicate anything you…

International Pro Piracy Collaboration Launched

Earlier today we reported that the Pirate parties are getting more and more popular. Today we found out that a international Pro Piracy Lobby has launched. So far, this international cooperation consist of the following members: * ArtiLiberated (Sweden) * PiratbyrÃ¥n (Sweden) * Piratgruppen (Denmark) * Piratgruppen (Norway) * The…

Pirate Parties on the Rise

The raid on the PirateBay, and the responses in Sweden to the case motivated a lot of pirates around the globe to organize themselves into Pirate Parties.

More Movie Deals For BitTorrent

Earlier this year Warner Bros and BitTorrent announced that they are working together to distribute movies online. Today, more movie studios follow this example. According to Cnet BitTorrent teamed up with more movie studios to distribute movies online “The filmmakers that signed with BitTorrent are Hart Sharp Video, Egami Media…

Targetpoint Takes Over Empornium

Interesting developments at one of the largest porn torrent sites on the net. Targetpoint, an Israeli advertising company took over Empornium, changed the design and locked out the former site admins.