BitThief Spies on their Users

BitThief, the BitTorrent client that downloads torrents without uploading is spying on its users. Apparently the client is not only cheating on the BitTorrent community, it could also be a potential risk for the leechers that use the client.

TorrentFreak 2.0

I am proud to announce TorrentFreak's new look. It should be running smoothly, but feel free to drop a comment if you catch a bug.

First HD-DVD Movie Leaked Onto BitTorrent


The HD-DVD has been cracked, and high definition content is now being distributed freely over BitTorrent. We all knew this would happen sooner or later, looks it was "sooner". The first HD-DVD to be uploaded to BitTorrent is Serenity, the Firefly movie.

TorrentFreak Talk…

Aye, Me hearties, we have a forum now. It will be officially 'launched' next week, together with our beautiful redesign, but I'm sending out some invites to the people who can't wait. Interested in a sneak peak? Drop me a line.

BitTorrent Inc: iTunes DRM Inspires People to Pirate Content

BitTorrent Inc president and co-founder, Ashwin Navin says that iTunes' DRM is "a time bomb waiting to happen," and that it will inspire people to pirate content. The irony is that his company is about to launch a video store that heavily implements Microsoft's Windows DRM.