Anti-Piracy Lobby Wants Pirate Bay Secrets from Swedish Police

A recently leaked email shows that the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) - the anti-piracy organization that represents the recording industry worldwide - has plans to request confidential information from an ongoing police investigation of The Pirate Bay.

Frontman to File-Sharers: Steal Our Album, Help Bury the Label

Revolver Magazine called them part of "The Future of Metal" and they reportedly "destroyed" the second stage at Ozzfest. Now frontman of the band 'Throwdown' is calling on file-sharing fans to take action: "If you wanna really support a band, steal their album….help bury the label."

Australians Next on the P2P Lawsuit Hitlist

Facing failure in their quest to force ISPs to warn and disconnect file-sharers, the anti-piracy division of the Australian music industry is now threatening to go the route of the RIAA and start taking legal action against individuals.

iTunes Store Mistakingly Leaks Stargate Atlantis Episode

Apple has made a huge mistake by offering the fourth episode of the popular science fiction TV-show "Stargate Atlantis" instead of the season premiere via its iTunes store. Soon after the episode leaked it spread to BitTorrent and other P2P networks.

TorrentSpy Traffic Plunges After US Ban

The MPAA has caused TorrentSpy, once the most popular BitTorrent site, some serious headaches. After a federal judge ordered TorrentSpy to log all user data stored in RAM, they decided to block access to US users, consequently their traffic dropped significantly.

BitTorrent Addiction: The Thrill of the Chase

It's great to have access to a huge library of media via your torrent client, no one can deny that, but for many users BitTorrent is more than just a functional tool. It's become an addictive hobby, with puzzles to solve and treasures to find.