Pioneering Music Piracy Group Suffers Another Conviction

aPOCALYPSE pRODUCTION cREW (aPC) was a pioneering music piracy group, thought by many to be the first such outfit to leak pre-release mp3 files to the Internet in an organized manner. In his role as server administrator for the group, 'Dextro' is facing 5 years in jail and a $250,000…

Manage Your BitTorrent Downloads on Facebook

A recently launched Facebook application for uTorrent makes it easy to manage your torrents when you're away from your desktop computer. In addition, the application can also search your favorite BitTorrent sites from Facebook, and allows you to add new torrents remotely.

SceneAccess and NFOrce Under Pressure from BREIN

One of the most exclusive private torrent trackers, SceneAccess, has found itself hounded out of the Netherlands by anti-piracy outfit, BREIN. The site was hosted by NFOrce who handed over the owners details to BREIN who discovered them to be false. Worryingly, there are many other torrent sites hosted at…

WikiSubtitles Taken Down By Spanish Anti-Piracy Outfit

A site specializing in creating video subtitling for the benefit of foreign and deaf Internet users has been closed due to the threat of legal action. WikiSubtitles received a cease and desist from the Anti-Piracy Federation (FAP) and is now offline pending legal advice.

Mininova Faces Legal Action: Filter or Else

No torrent site on earth is more popular than Mininova. Surprisingly, however, all the legal pressure seems to have been focused on sites such as The Pirate Bay. Mininova - against all the odds - appears to have stayed under the radar. All that changed today as Mininova is now…

The Pirate Bay Enters List of 100 Most Popular Webites

The Pirate Bay is growing bigger and bigger, much to the displeasure of anti-piracy outfits such as the MPAA and IFPI. The BitTorrent tracker even managed to slip into the list of 100 most visited websites on the Internet, and it doesn't seem to stop there.

Danish Copyright Censorship Proposal Revealed

In February a Danish court forced ISP Tele2 to block its subscribers from accessing The Pirate Bay, following a similar order late last year to block A new proposal before the Danish government would mean that such actions would be quick and easy to do, without the need for…