Swedish ISP Refuses To Block The Pirate Bay

After forcing a single ISP in Denmark to block The Pirate Bay, it now appears that the IFPI has a plan to sue all of the major Swedish ISPs to force them to do the same. Telia Sonera, a large Swedish ISP is refusing to be bullied, stating that such…

Comcast Teams Up With BitTorrent and Promises Net Neutrality

Comcast has announced that it will lift the ban on BitTorrent traffic, which prevented its users from sharing files using the popular protocol. The ISP and BitTorrent Inc. will work together on finding customer friendly solutions for the congestion allegedly caused by BitTorrent traffic.

TorrentSpy Shuts Down

A little over a year ago, TorrentSpy.com was still the most visited BitTorrent site, but times have changed. After an expensive two year battle with the MPAA, TorrentSpy decided to throw in the towel and the site has now shut down permanently.

Mininova Helps CBC to Distribute TV-Show

Due to server complications, CBC decided to team up with mininova and let them seed the torrent files for "Canada's Next Great Prime Minister." It is great to see that mainstream broadcasters use BitTorrent to share their content online, and even better, that they use mininova's content distribution platform to…

Movie Screening Security Guards Take On The Pirates

The best way to deal with piracy is to go in hard - real hard. It doesn't matter if you upset non-pirates or alienate your customers, it doesn't matter if you make children cry. Pirates are evil and they need to be dealt with severely - this documentary shows how…

Help Azureus to Fight BitTorrent Throttling ISPs

ISPs have been throttling BitTorrent traffic for years now, but only recently has this turned into a political issue. The BitTorrent client Azureus has now developed a plugin through which you can help distinguishing the good from the bad ISPs, data they will use to strengthen their argument in the…

Piracy is a Negotiation, not a Fight


The sale of Bebo.com to AOL for $850 million last week sparked a fresh wave of opining about music piracy, with Billy Bragg and Michael Arrington both stepping into the ring. The problem is, they are both wrong.