BitTorrent Inc. Introduces Ad-Supported Downloads

BitTorrent Inc. is experimenting with alternatives to paid downloads on their Entertainment Network, and is now experimenting with advertising supported downloads. Instead of paying for a download, BitTorrent's customers now see ads before and after watching an episode.

Global War on Piracy Launched, PirateBay Gets Nukes

Several filesharing sites suffer a prolonged assault on their infrastructure, is hijacked by the MPAA, several scene release blogs are under attack, and the RIAA started a new IP harvesting operation. In a direct response to these threats The Pirate Bay teamed up with North Korea, and armed their…

aXXo’s Prayer

Most people are familiar with the Lord's Prayer. Less known is the aXXo prayer, dedicated to the popular DVD ripper that goes by this name. Courtesy of "the_dwarfer", who just started a new religion.

Company Collects Royalties but Can’t Find the Artists

SoundExchange is a company that collects royalties for thousands of artists. Many webcasters, satellite radio stations and other music services pay license fees to SoundExchange, enabling them to play the music of these artists. Sounds fair, but there is one problem: SoundExchange has trouble tracking down the artists, Kim Wilde,…

You’re caught Downloading “Dream Pinball”, Settle Now or go Broke

Having outstayed its welcome in Germany, a company is bringing its legal strategy against file-sharers to the UK. Its first targets are 500 P2P users who illegally distributed a game according to the company, even though many of the victims never even heard of the game in question. All Filesharers… Shut Down Due to DMCA Violation

The popular BitTorrent meta-search engine was shutdown a few hours ago due to a DMCA violation. An absurd action because the site never linked to a single .torrent file, it just allowed you to search for torrent files on other BitTorrent sites like The Pirate Bay and Mininova. So…