Subscribe to TV Shows with Torrent Episode Downloader

Torrent Episode Downloader, or Ted, is a cross-platform Java application that lets you easily subscribe to TV shows. It gives you a list of shows that are currently popular on BitTorrent networks, and automatically downloads the latest episodes of the shows you choose.

uTorrent 1.6.1 Released

A long awaited new version of the popular BitTorrent client uTorrent has been released today. The new release includes a fix for the remote exploit vulnerability that was discovered recently.

uTorrent Vulnerable to Remote Exploits

The popular BitTorrent client uTorrent is reported to be vulnerable to remote exploits. Such exploits allow hackers to gain remote access to, and control over your computer.

The Pirate Bay, Featured in Vanity Fair

The Pirate Bay and its young owners have reached a new level of fame. They're no longer just Internet personalities, they're now mainstream celebrities. The March issue of Vanity Fair is carrying a 6 page article on BitTorrent, movie piracy, torrent sites, and in particular, The Pirate Bay.

Documentary: Militainment Inc, War as Entertainment

Militainment Inc. is a nine part documentary, written, produced, and narrated by Roger Stahl, assistant professor at the University of Georgia. The documentary shows how the Pentagon and the entertainment industries became partners in militarizing TV, games, sports and more.

Xtorrent Public Beta 3 Adds RSS Support

The third public beta test of Xtorrent, the popular Mac BitTorrent client, is now underway. New features that have been added in this release include RSS (torrentcast) support. A limited pre-release sale has also begun.