The Pirate Bay Interview (Video)

The BitLord show released a special episode in which they interview with Brokep from The Pirate Bay. Brokep talks about TPB's contribution to the BitTorrent scene, their secret upcoming project, the new anonymous P2P protocol they are working on and much more.

uTorrent Mac vs. Azureus Mac

uTorrent will be available on the Mac very soon and two weeks ago we wrote an early review. Today we read that anonymous statistics show that uTorrent will be twice as fast as Azureus, but is this really the case?

Anti-DRM T-Shirt Design Contest: The Winners are…

DRM is doomed to fail. Unfortunately, the majority of the movie companies and record labels still think it's the best way to "protect" their media. By wearing these shirts you can show them it's not and that it only hinders honest customers.

UK Conservatives Plan to Extend Copyright

In a recent speech before the UK record industry, the head of the Conservative Party, David Cameron, pledged to increase copyright terms for music, as well as shift the focus for enforcing copyright onto the ISP, echoing the recent decision by a Belgian court.

The Pirate Bay Conspiracy

Swedish authorities and anti-piracy groups are taking extreme measures to shut down The Pirate Bay. Their latest trick is to use child pornography as a tool in their war on piracy. Ethical? No. Effective? Could be. Meet the people behind The Pirate Bay Conspiracy.