BitTorrent Anime Downloaders Offered Amnesty

Odex, the anime distribution company that threatened thousands of BitTorrent users it claims it caught distributing its material has made a new offer to those it accuses: Stop downloading our stuff right now and we won't take any action against you.

Convicted BitTorrent Admin Fights for his Right to Use Linux

Scott McCausland, a convicted ex-administrator of the EliteTorrents BitTorrent tracker is going back to court to fight for his right to use Ubuntu GNU/Linux while he is home confined. The US government is forcing him to use Windows, because that's the only OS their monitoring software can run on.

Private BitTorrent Trackers Vulnerable To Anonymous Leechers

Since the birth of restrictions, there's always been someone ready to set-free. BitTorrent set media free and then for a multitude of reasons, private torrent trackers restricted it. It appears that a group of people have published a method to allow non-members to leech private trackers for free. But at…

The Pirate Bay Won’t Bow Down to “Weak” US Government

US authorities, The MPAA and other antipirates are desperately trying to come up with new arguments to cease The Pirate Bay's activities, but the popular BitTorrent tracker is not planning to back down. Pirate Bay admin Brokep notes: "The US government is losing popularity every day in Europe, and people…

MPAA Pushes Lawmakers to Criminalize Movie Camming

The MPAA is currently on a world tour trying to convince politicians to introduce legislation that criminalizes the recording of movies in cinemas. The MPAA already succeeded in Canada, Japan and Italy, and their next stop is the UK.

Opera 9.50 Kestrel Adds BitTorrent Peer Exchange

Opera, the popular multi-platform browser has supported BitTorrent for some time now. After more than a year of development, the release of v9.50 Alpha sees the introduction of a uTorrent compatible Peer Exchange feature which will hopefully help to speed up transfers and reduce tracker load.