Police Closes Pirate Bay Investigation, Trial Awaits

The police investigation into The Pirate Bay has finally came to an end. Today, the Pirate Bay received over 4,000 pages of legal paperwork. There doesn't appear to be any evidence that suggests The Pirate Bay is involved in any illegal activities, but that is up to the court to…

The Pirate Bay Launches Last.fm Powered Music Section

The Pirate Bay just launched their new music section where artists are categorized utilizing tagging data from the popular music community, last.fm. Together with the previously released music discovery feature, it makes it easier than ever to find music you like.

Charity Forced to Pay Copyright Fee So Kids Can Sing Carols

Christmas is known world-wide as a time for sharing, a time for giving. But for one charity, instead of Santa arriving with gifts, the copyright police turned up demanding money. Why? Because the charity allows children to sing carols on the premises and their kitchen radio is a little loud.…

The Pirate Bay Now Running on Opentracker

The world's largest BitTorrent tracker is no longer running on Hypercube, the tracker originally developed by Anakata, one of the Pirate Bay founders. The Pirate Bay switched to Opentracker which uses less resources and supports UDP tracking.

Police Extend OiNK’s Bail Date and Returns Servers, Wiped!

The OiNK servers that were raided in October have been returned to OiNK's ISP. Strangely enough all the data, and thus the evidence, has been wiped. In addition, the bail date for OiNK admin Alan Ellis, who was arrested during the raid, has today been extended until the 4th of…