Create Torrents out of YouTube Videos

Online video conversion site, Hey!Watch has announced that it now allows users to download videos from the various video sites it scrapes, including YouTube, Google Video and Metacafé, over BitTorrent.

University of Missouri Blocks All P2P Traffic

University of Missouri-Columbia (MU) decided that it was not important to make the distinction between good and bad P2P traffic, and blocked all P2P traffic going in and out of the campus network.

Russian BitTorrent Trackers Shut Down

Several BitTorrent trackers in the Tomsk region in Russia have been shut down. The reason for the takedowns is still unclear. Some suggest that the cybercrime division of the Russian police, also known as "Department K" is behind it. Others think that it is a drastic measure to decrease bandwidth…

SecureIX Offers Anonymous BitTorrent Downloads

A company called SecureIX is offering a free VPN service which allows you to hide your IP address from peers in a BitTorrent swarm or P2P network. Not only that, the service also encrypts and tunnels your data, making it extremely difficult for your ISP to sniff or shape it.

Jurassic Park 4 Script Leaked onto BitTorrent

You read it correctly. The script of the 4th sequel to the major Hollywood blockbuster, Jurassic Park, has been leaked onto BitTorrent. The title of the script is "Dawn of Extinction: Jurassic Park", and production of the movie hasn't even started yet!