IsoHunt Takes Down BitTorrent Trackers in the US

Starting today, the Isohunt team will deny access to all US visitors on their TorrentBox and Podtropolis tracker. They are forced to take this action because of their involvement in a lawsuit initiated by the MPAA.

The 5 Most Popular BitTorrent Trackers

Most BitTorrent sites don't run their own tracker, and the ones that do often go unnoticed and don't always get the respect they deserve. It might not be a surprise that The Pirate Bay is by far the most popular, but you might be surprised to find out which trackers…

Porn Industry Infighting As Pirate Bay Takes On Big Media

After declaring their own war on BitTorrent, players from the porn industry have been debating The Pirate Bay's calls for police action after major media companies tried to illegally sabotage their operations. Surprisingly there are huge divisions, with many players openly supporting the operators of the world's largest BitTorrent tracker…

MediaDefender’s Decoy Effectiveness on BitTorrent Sites

MediaDefender's email and anti piracy tool leaks gave the world a unique insight into the workings and the effectiveness of their BitTorrent decoy operations. So how effective were they? And which sites were best protected against these fake torrents? Let's find out.

PirateBay Fires a Broadside of Complaints to Police

Never far from the headlines, both The Pirate Bay and MediaDefender clashed once again, with the Swedish outfit making allegations against MediaDefenders clients. These claims, reported to the Swedish police, focus on general cybercriminal activities committed against the popular torrent site, by Scandinavian subsidiaries of many major media conglomerates

Speed Up Your Torrents With Ono

A plug-in developed by a university is promising improved BitTorrent transfers by selectively connecting to peers offering faster response times. Currently in use on over 25,000 Azureus installations, it identifies and connects to nearby peers in an attempt to accelerate downloads.

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2007 is Here

All around the world now, people will be donning tricorner hats, eye patches, and affecting peg-leg walks as they 'Arrr' their way through the day. Yes, Talk Like a Pirate Day is here. We set sail from the Pirate Bay, and caught up with the TlaPD's schooner for a few…