RIAA vs Infant in Courtroom Drama

After targeting a 10 year old girl for a copyright infringement offense they claim was committed when she was just 7 years of age, the RIAA is now demanding that infants have a full understanding of copyright law.

Pirated TV-Shows Popular with Swedes

Two out of five of Swedes between the age of 16 and 30 watch pirated TV-shows regularly according to a recent report. The delay in airing compared to the US, and the convenience of watching a TV-show whenever you want are two of the main reasons why pirated TV-shows are…

Verizon Bans P2P, Streaming Services and Online Gaming.

They say that the devil is in the detail and to always read the small print. Well, if your ISP happens to be Verizon and you're on the EVDO Wireless Data Service, this is great advice. Read their Terms of Service and you will see; P2P is banned, as are…

Bitlord V2 Released, Now Supports eDonkey

After 2 years of silence the controversial Bitlord client just rolled out a new version which is not longer based on the BitComet core. The new Bitlord 2.0 Beta is "Vista ready" and one of the first BitTorrent clients to include eDonkey support, thereby allowing its users to download from…

BitTorrent Inc. Introduces Ad-Supported Downloads

BitTorrent Inc. is experimenting with alternatives to paid downloads on their Entertainment Network, and is now experimenting with advertising supported downloads. Instead of paying for a download, BitTorrent's customers now see ads before and after watching an episode.

Global War on Piracy Launched, PirateBay Gets Nukes

Several filesharing sites suffer a prolonged assault on their infrastructure, uTorrent.com is hijacked by the MPAA, several scene release blogs are under attack, and the RIAA started a new IP harvesting operation. In a direct response to these threats The Pirate Bay teamed up with North Korea, and armed their…

aXXo’s Prayer

Most people are familiar with the Lord's Prayer. Less known is the aXXo prayer, dedicated to the popular DVD ripper that goes by this name. Courtesy of "the_dwarfer", who just started a new religion.