BitTorrent Throttling Company Sandvine Sees Sales Down 88%

Sandvine, manufacturers of BitTorrent throttling technology has seen its first quarter sales drop 88% in a year. After achieving 42,000% growth in 5 years, the company - best known for providing the technology which put Comcast into the spotlight recently - has seen its value plummet 42% in a single…

Dutch University Uses BitTorrent to Update Workstations

In the US, several universities have banned filesharing applications such as BitTorrent, mostly under pressure from the RIAA. A university in the Netherlands has taken a different approach. They use uTorrent to distribute software and OS updates across 6500 workstations, and end up saving a lot of time, money and…

IFPI Pressure Forces ISPs to Block Another File-Sharing Site

Following pressure from the IFPI, a court has ruled that ISPs should be forced to block access to a file-sharing link site. The Haifa District Court in Israel has ordered that the country's three largest ISPs should block access to, a BitTorrent and http hyperlink-only website.

Study: Piracy is Caused by Poor Choice

According to a new study just released in the UK, one of the biggest causes of copyright infringement is a lack of choice. The study further shows that one third of the Brits have downloaded copyright infringing content, or plans to do so in the future.

NIN Confirms Uploads to Public and Private Torrent Sites

The acceptability of P2P took another big step forward over the weekend, as accounts claiming to be 'the official profile for NIN' appeared on a number of torrent sites, including The Pirate Bay and the private trackers and NIN has now confirmed that these accounts indeed belong to…

BitLet Selected As Finalist In 2008 Webware 100 Awards

BitLet is a web-based client which allows BitTorrent sharing without a torrent client being installed on your machine. Now, in recognition of this innovative system, the editors at CNET have nominated BitLet as a finalist in the Webware 100 Awards, 2008.

isoHunt Now Indexes 1 Million Torrents

The popular BitTorrent site IsoHunt just reached a new milestone, as they now index over 1 million torrents. In total, the torrents on IsoHunt point to 22 million files that all add up to a dazzling 743TB in data.