Movie Pirate Jailed for Seven Years

Johnny Ray Gasca, a resident of Hollywood, has been sentenced to seven years in jail for recording a film with his camcorder in a local cinema. Gasca is the first to be convicted in a nationwide campaign against movie piracy.

BitTorrent Video Store to be Infected with Windows DRM

Bram Cohen has confirmed in an interview that content on the upcoming BitTorrent Video Store is going to be loaded with Windows DRM, which means restrictions for all and Mac & Linux users are going to be left out in the cold. What fun!

Azureus Releases 3.0 Beta and Video Sharing Website

The popular BitTorrent client, Azureus has announced its long awaited 3.0 release together with the launch of its new video sharing site Azureus 3.0 includes a content layer that "should" make it easier to find videos and other large files, and share them with friends.

Sufjan Stevens Free & Legal on BitTorrent

Sufjan Stevens is an American Folk & Indie Rock musician and singer-songwriter, three of whose singles are being distributed legally over BitTorrent. Uploaded by his record label, Asthmatic Kitty, the singles are from his albums, Illinoise and The Avalanche.

BitTorrent DVDrip Top 10

No BitTorrent movie download chart this week due to parental issues at BigChampagne. But don't worry, we have a worthy replacement: TorrentFreak's one and only BitTorrent DVDrip Top 10.

Private BitTorrent Tracker Signup Checker

"Tracker Checker" is a nifty little program that automatically checks when private trackers are open for registration. A lot of trackers open their doors occasionally, giving you the opportunity to register without an invite. This program helps you yo find out when.

Gulliver’s Travels Free and Legal on BitTorrent

The first English Gulliver's Travels cartoon is now available on BitTorrent. The cartoon is produced by Fleischer Studios Inc for Paramount Pictures, and has fallen in the public domain which means that there are no copyright restrictions.