The RIAA Attacks Usenet

Basking in glory after orchestrating a record punishment for a petty file-sharer in the US, the RIAA takes its legal campaign to the next level. Many may want newsgroups to stay under the radar but it's too late - major labels have filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against and…

BitLet Bookmarklet: Directly Download Torrents in your Browser

BitLet, the web-based BitTorrent client recently added a bookmarklet. This new feature makes it possible to download .torrent files in your browser, without navigating away from the torrent site. The bookmarklet works on The Pirate Bay, mininova, Demonoid and all other sites that use the .torrent extension.

BitTorrent: Bypass any Firewall or Throttling ISP with SSH

On some networks it's impossible to use BitTorrent. For example, if you're at work, school, or connected to Comcast or a public hotspot. But there's an easy solution to overcome this problem. By using a secure connection (SSH), you can bypass almost every firewall or traffic shaping application.

Fearless Digital Pirates Don’t Care About Lawsuits

The year 2005 saw the first person sentenced to prison for sharing a movie. In 2007, the possibility of being fined huge amounts became a reality as a music sharer snared by the RIAA picks up a $222,000 bill. So presumably file-sharers are in hiding? Hardly. This fearless internet breed…

Anti-Piracy Organization Domain Now Owned by The Pirate Bay, the domain that used to belong to The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry or (IFPI) - an infamous anti-piracy organization - is mysteriously transferred to The Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay team says it will use the domain to host the newly founded International Federation of Pirate Interests.

MPAA Not Done With TorrentSpy Yet

Over the past months the TorrentSpy crew has made several drastic changes to their website. They have stopped hosting .torrent files, and even banned US visitors. However, this is not enough according to the MPAA who has filed another complaint and asked the judge for sanctions against the popular BitTorrent…

Polish Pirate Party Files for Registration

The existence of a Polish Pirate Party (or Partia Piratów) may seem to the uneducated as something of a joke. However, it is soon to join only Sweden, Germany, Austria, and Spain in having a full Pirate Party.