Album review: hotel coral essex by futuristic sex robotz

True nerds. Great lyrics combined with slammin beats, these gangsta Nerds have it all. TorrentFreak will review CC-licensed albums (with BitTorrent links) on a weekly basis. This one is a pretty geeky one, but there will be “normal” ones in the future. Futuristic Sex Robotz was founded by Coaxke and…

Bearshare Borged

Convert? Or be shut down for eventual transmogrification? The commercial p2p scene is beginning to look like a Borg movie with former independent commercial p2p operators being sucked into the corporate maw one by one, to reappear as rigidly controlled mutations of their former selves. The Borg are known, “both…

Allpeers: review and future plans

Allpeers is a revolutionary Firefox extension that makes it possible to share pictures, music and video's within Firefox. The files are distributed using BitTorrent. Allpeers is not yet squeezing everything out of BitTorrent, but Matthew Gertner from Allpeers told TorrentFreak that this will definitely change in the near future.

Torrentpod Pilot

Here’s a pilot of our weekly podcast. Welcome to TorrentPod, the official podcast of Join your host Charlie as he delves into this weeks latest news, and what really pisses him off about the RIAA. This show is a pilot, so please leave a (audio) comment to help Charlie…

Interview: Leader Austrian Pirate Party

Two weeks ago the Austrian Pirate Party was founded. The party has ambitious plans, and is trying to participate in the upcoming elections in October. Time to have a chat with Florian Hufsky, the captain of the "Austrian Pirates".

How Relakksed is Relakks?

Earlier today we wrote that the Swedish Pirate Party introduced a completely anonymous internet service called relakks. However, how anonymous is it, and is it really a darknet?

Pirate Party introduces anonymous internet

The Swedish Pirate Party introduced a completely anonymous internet service called relakks. Relakks makes it possible to browse the web, and use p2p-applications (like BitTorrent) without being monitored by your ISP or anti-piracy gangs like the MPAA and RIAA.