Prince Hires the Web Sheriff to Take on The Pirate Bay

It's a familiar story: copyright holder finds his stuff available via The Pirate Bay, artist threatens Pirate Bay through a proxy, Pirate Bay laughs at artist and proxy, and the BitTorrent community carries on downloading as if nothing ever happened. The Web Sheriff takes on the battle where everyone else…

HostGator Doesn’t Allow Customers to Host Torrent Files

The popular hosting company HostGator effectively bans its customers from storing .torrent files on their servers. They want you to store podcasts or other media files on their server instead of saving bandwidth and resources by offering it as a .torrent download.

German Pirate Party Celebrates First Birthday

The German Pirate Party, or Piratenpartei Deutschland (PIRATEN, for short) just celebrated it's one-year birthday, and we had the opportunity to sit down with one of their party to have a little chat, to explore their aims and goals for the next year, as well as look at what they…

How the Porn Industry Plans to Wipe Out BitTorrent

With all the negative reporting about BitTorrent in the mainstream media, you could be forgiven for thinking that an anti-piracy crackdown against torrent sites would be a depressing issue. On the contrary, the porn industry's approach to dealing with BitTorrent raises more than a few smiles.

Porn Industry to Take on BitTorrent Sites

Porn industry representatives gathered at an anti-piracy conference last week to discuss solutions to the ever growing amount of pirated porn that's traded on BitTorrent sites and other P2P-networks.