Pirate Parties Prepare for the 2009 European Elections

"There is a far better than average chance that this is becoming the next global political movement, and I'm going to claim it already is the next big political movement." Words to ponder, and strong words for the leader and founder of the Swedish Pirate Party, Rick Falkvinge, to start…

BitTorrent Survival: The Way of the Hydra

As more and more people hear about BitTorrent, each day the major sites get bigger, with more and more visitors, members, seeds and peers. Mainstream awareness of P2P is driving this new surge but with copyright and law enforcement agencies clamping down hard, some are considering tactics for survival.

Anti-Piracy Organization Tries to Shut Down Demonoid

The Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN filed a subpoena against Demonoid's ISP (Leaseweb) in which they demand that the site will be taken offline. It seems likely that Demonoid's current downtime is not a hardware problem, they are probably moving to another ISP.

uTorrent for Mac is Coming: An Early Review

When BitTorrent Inc bought uTorrent, the most popular Windows BitTorrent client, they announced that they would begin porting it to both the Mac and Linux. They have. Here's a preview of the "soon to be released" Mac version of uTorrent.

Windows Worm Uses BitTorrent to Propagate

A worm that infects Windows XP and, possibly, Vista is said to spread itself over IM applications, like AIM and Windows Live Messenger, and... BitTorrent. Security research firm Sophos says the worm uses "a social engineering scheme" to get people to unknowingly infect their computers with it.

Demonoid Offline For a Few Days

Last week, Demonoid's ISP was forced to take a smaller BitTorrent site offline. So, when the Demonoid site failed to respond this morning, many expected the worst.

Throwing File-Sharers in Jail to Grab Headlines

To the casual file-sharer, the big headlines of people going to jail for engaging in their hobby may seem like terrifying stuff. Indeed, for the anti-piracy bodies, scaring file-sharers away from their activities is vital because after all, you can't jail everyone, especially when laws don't allow you to do…