FrostWire adds BitTorrent support

FrostWire, the completely free alternative to LimeWire (Pro) has added BitTorrent support in its latest release. The release is Linux-only, but Windows and Mac installers are on the way.

How to install LimeWire on Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft)

Many Ubuntu users who have upgraded to the new Edgy Eft have been complaining that LimeWire and its 100% free counterpart, FrostWire don't work anymore. New Ubuntu users are also having problems getting the two P2P apps to run. Here's how to.

Wafeek: An MC using Pirated beats

Some might say it's theft to reuse use copyrighted work, others encourage it because it facilitates creativity. One way or another, the result can be great.

MPAA sues company for selling pre-loaded iPods

The MPAA has launched yet another "defensive attack", this time on a small business that is pre-loading movie DVDs onto iPods and reselling them. The original DVDs of the movies that are loaded are also given to the customer.

The Piratebay finally adds TV section

It took a while, but The Piratebay finally decided to add a TV section. The Piratebay has never been the most innovative torrent site when it comes to implementing "user friendly" features, but the TV section is a great step forward.