RIAA Targets University

The University of Maryland is confronted with a wave of copyright infringement claims by the RIAA. In one month they received 130 letters, almost a tenfold of what they receive on average.

LOST: The Most Popular TV-Show on BitTorrent

An average episode of the hit series LOST is downloaded more than 500,000 times on BitTorrent, making it by far the most popular TV-show shared over the Internet, and one with approximately 5% of all its viewers watching via BitTorrent.

Limewire now supports BitTorrent downloads

The latest version (4.13) of Limewire now includes BitTorrent support. Although the tweaking options are limited at this point, it is good to see that it is all working fine. BitTorrent support will be extended to the free version in the near future.

How the MPAA knows where movies are Pirated

I've posted a story about the MPAA's piracy stats, and that NY is the pirate capital of the world. In the post I said that it was hard to track down the source of CAM releases, but that was a mistake.