Faster Uploads Key to Improving BitTorrent Efficiency


One of the reasons people put down BitTorrent is because it can, at times, be slower than traditional protocols like HTTP and FTP. But the technology isn't at fault, it's the upload speeds of users that are capped, which prevents files from being shared more efficiently.

BitTorrent Tutorial Roundup

Here's a roundup of some of the BitTorrent related tutorials we wrote this year. Twelve tutorials in total, so there will probably be something interesting for everyone.

2006: MPAA vs. BitTorrent Sites

We've seen several confrontations between the MPAA and some of the bigger BitTorrent sites this year. Here's a roundup of some the most memorable events.

Download 2000+ Music Albums for Free

Jamendo is a website with a revolutionary model that allows artists to promote and publish their music. Artist have the opportunity to show their creativity to a broader audience, and the public has a place to listen to, download, and share new music.

Merry Christmas!

We wish you all a wonderful Christmas! Keep seeding your torrents, and don't play with fire around the Christmas tree.

Why Encrypting BitTorrent Traffic Is Good


Recently, the topic of traffic shaping and BitTorrent encryption was once again resurrected, this time by Wired News writer Michael Galore. In a recent post he explains that encrypting BitTorrent traffic is bad. But is this really the case?