RIAA’s outrageous fines questioned in court

Earlier this year, a victim of a RIAA lawsuit questioned how constitutional the organisation's $750 per-song-uploaded claim was. A judge has now ruled that this is worth looking into and will be included in the case.

Australian govt draft says piracy stats are made up

A private draft prepared by the Australian Institute of Criminology for the Attorney-General's Department says that piracy stats aren't backed up by fact and that copyright holders "failed to explain" how they came up with financial loss figures.

Software Piracy in 1985

I found an interesting episode of the computer chronicles about software piracy back in 1985. A true classic!

Privacy Prevails: German ISP Forced To Delete IP Logs

The highest appeal court in Germany has decided that T-Online, one of the largest German ISPs has to delete all IP logs to guarantee the privacy of their customers. This ruling makes it impossible for anti-piracy organizations to trace an infringing IP-address back to a customer of T-Online, once their…

Asia ‘pirates’ out of necessity, not choice

The content industries, specifically those in the US, accuse Asia of being the polestar of all piracy. Is this really the case? Or do otherwise law-abiding Asians have no other choice, no other legal alternatives?

Danish ISP forced to censor the Internet

A Danish court ruled against the Danish ISP Tele2 and ordered to block all access to the site Allofmp3.com. According to the ruling, the ISP is willingly infringing copyright if their customers use AllofMP3 to download music.