Vista’s ‘virgin stack’ to speed up your torrents

Windows Vista has a brand new Network Stack. According to tests conducted on both Windows XP and Vista, the new stack might actually speed up BitTorrent transfers by an estimated 10%. We’ve been hearing a lot about how Windows Vista has a brand new ‘Network Stack‘. As I understand it,…

BitTorrent Search / Spy Widget for Mac OSX

The Web 2.0 inspired BitTorrent search engine "Fenopy" just released a widget that allows you to search for torrents, or spy on the latest torrent submissions. The widget requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

Ashwin Navin Interview

DigiTimes interviewed Ashwin Navin, president and co-founder of BitTorrent. He talks about some familiar topics like implementing DRM, peer assisted video distribution and BitTorrent beyond the PC. From the interview: DigiTimes: Can you please provide a bit of background information about BitTorrent? Navin: BitTorrent was invented in 2001 by Bram…

Popular Linux Distro Torrents

Looking for the latest Linux distro’s? At you can find most of the popular distro’s, including a short description of each one. Using BitTorrent to download the latest copy of your favorite distro is not only faster than a http or ftp mirror, it also saves the distributors some…

P2P Art

Mixed media artist and filmmaker Anders Weberg created a piece of P2P art. The experimental movie "Filter" is about by the emotional rollercoaster he went through when his son almost died.

Brein Scares a Couple More P2P Hobbyists

The Dutch Anti-Piracy organization BREIN has successfully "taken down" 19 filesharing websites. They now reached a total of 103 this year. Among their new trophies are at least two BitTorrent sites; and

Pirates Parties To Conquer Europe

Pirates are planning a mass attack on Europe. The Swedish Pirate Party is coordinating a pan-European electoral assault for the 2009 European Elections, says leader Rick Falkvinge.