A Simple Way to Remotely Download Torrents on the Mac

There are many ways to remotely initiate BitTorrent downloads, but most are complicated and require tweaking. Here's an easy way to remotely download torrents with only an instant messaging application and a BitTorrent client.

BitThief Downloads Torrents Without Uploading

BitThief is a BitTorrent client developed by the Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory in Zurich that manages to download torrents without uploading. Overall the downloads rates are a bit slower than with other clients, but on well-seeded torrents the performance of BitThief is comparable to any other client.

BitTyrant: The “Selfish” BitTorrent Client

BitTyrant is a new "selfish" BitTorrent client based on Azureus. The developers claim that it speeds up downloads by up to 70% by connecting to the peers that have high upload speeds, and peers that give you the best send / receive ratio.