Warez Bust: MaGE Leader Sentenced to Prison

A 27 year old man has been sentenced to prison on one felony count of conspiracy to infringe copyright in his capacity as leader of the warez release group 'MaGE'. On top of this he was also fined $5000 and ordered to serve 2 years supervised release.

MediaDefender Emails Disprove MPAA Claims

Last Month The Pirate Bay filed complaints against some of the key players in the entertainment industry for corrupting and sabotaging their BitTorrent tracker. The MPAA has now responded to these claims and deny that they worked with MediaDefender. Unfortunately for the MPAA, we have proof that they did.

The Pirate Bay Sponsors Rock Band

The Pirate Bay is featuring the Swedish glam rock band "Lamont" on their frontpage. Unlike the major record labels, Lamont recognizes the power of filesharing and they give away their album for free. Not without success, over 100,000 people downloaded their album in less than 24 hours, numbers that other…

Downloaders Confuse Ozzy Osbourne to Go on Tour

When he isn't biting the heads off live animals or starring in a hugely popular reality show, Ozzy Osbourne is still making music. Unfortunately, he's had to go on tour because people keep downloading his music: "I've been suffering terribly" he mumbled, while counting his next million dollars.

Mininova Breaks 3 Billion Downloads Barrier

Mininova reached another milestone as they just passed the 3 billion .torrent download mark. The impressive number of 3 million daily users now download almost 10 million .torrent files a day.

Mininova Closes Distribution Deal for TV-Show

The "old media" is slowly realizing that BitTorrent is a great distribution platform, and above all, an excellent marketing tool. Today, The Red Band Film Company and Mininova announce the first official deal to distribute a TV-show on the popular BitTorrent site.