Piratebay: You Cease and Desist!

The Piratebay is known for their hilarious responses to legal threats. They recently added a response to linotype's cease and desist request. Linotype is a German company that sells fonts, so you can probably guess the piratebay response to that.

Spanish P2P raids

The Spanish police made 15 p2p related arrests today, and closed down several BitTorrent, eMule and Edonkey sites. The victims are accused of facilitating "copyright infringement". Today's arrests are the result of a large scale investigation by several Spanish "copyright protection" organizations that started in October 2005.

And the award goes to… Azureus.

Azureus won the award for "most popular open-source software" This is the result of the first annual SourceForge.net Community Choice Awards. Azureus is one of the most active and most downloaded project on SourceForge. It seems that P2P software is popular, because Emule finished in second position.

Brein takes down more Torrent Sites

During the past two weeks the Dutch anti-piracy organization BREIN forced 6 (small) torrent sites to stop their services. Brein is known for its intimidating techniques, and is successful in taking down sites, mostly set up by hobbyists.

Swedish P2P Filesharer wins

A Swedish prosecutor says Big Six studio efforts to nail a man they say shared a movie online may have effectively slammed the door in their faces. This means that individual filesharers in Sweden can feel a little more safe.

Allpeers launched first BETA

Allpeers, the BitTorrent extension for Firefox is sending out invitations for their BETA program. Allpeers is a revolutionary Firefox extension that makes it possible to share pictures, music and video's within Firefox.

More (of the same) Filesharing Lawsuits in Europe

Today the IFPI announced a new wave of lawsuits (2000) in Europe. But how new is this wave? It seems like they keep suing the same people over and over again. If you compare today's press release with the one they put out last year you will see that in…