Swedish Elections: The Pirate Party Sails On

The Swedish Election turned out to be a litlle disappointing for The Pirate Party. However, it was the first time the Ship was in the “open water”, but definitely not the last. This Swedish election has been special in many ways. It was if though the parliamentary parties and the…

A Letter from the RIAA

This is a nice illustration of what a letter from the RIAA would probably look like if you cut out the legal terms and restrictions.

Azureus Adds Featured Content

Azureus added a searchable database of featured content to their website. This new feature is likely to be a part of the shift towards implementing a (commercial) content layer. The featured content page includes several types of free and legal media, ranging from the latest Rocketboom episodes to Rob Costlow’s…

Snarf-it Disappeared, Servers Seized?

The popular BitTorrent site Snarf-it.org is down at the moment. Apparently some incompetent people at the datacentre messed up the server. At Snarf-it.org we read this funny coverstory: Where is Snarf-It? Your guess is as good as ours, at some point last night our database servers disappeared, and we really…

Xtorrent public beta 1 reviewed

The much hyped Mac BitTorrent client from my friend David Watanabe is now available for download. We first covered it a week ago when it was announced. Even though it's still in testing, we've decided to do a review of it.

uTorrent WebUI now Public

uTorrent’s web-based interface (WebUI) just entered the public BETA stage. The WebUI allows you to monitor your torrents from any pc in the world. With the web-monitor you can remotely start, stop, add, search torrents and more. Here’s a screenshot, more screenshots can be found over here. The WebUI files…

BitTorrent: The “one third of all Internet traffic” Myth

In November 2004 several respectable sources were reporting that BitTorrent was responsible for 35% of all internet traffic. This impressive statistic inspired pirates, frightened ISP's, and motivated the MPAA and other anti-piracy organizations to take down BitTorrent trackers.