How To Encrypt BitTorrent Traffic

More and more ISP's are limiting and throttling BitTorrent traffic on their networks. By throttling BitTorrent traffic the speed of BitTorrent downloads decrease, and high speed downloads are out of the question.

Filesharing Around The Globe

Different countries, different p2p preferences. Singapore has the highest percentage of BitTorrent users, the US has the most Gnutella fans, and South Korea is totally hooked on eDonkey.

More BitTorrent Sites Going Down

BREIN did it again. The Dutch anti-piracy organization forced TorrentIt and NLexperience to go offline. Although BREIN has no legal power, threatening with lawsuits and high fines seems to be an effective strategy to take the smaller BitTorrent sites down.

50MB Movie Downloads

A new, revolutionary compression method makes it possible to shrink movies down to 50MB. This means that downloading a movie will take just a couple of minutes. The new compression method developed by Euclid Discoveries has a great potential for both legal and illegal video distribution.

P2P Is Unstoppable

On February 21 the MPAA claimed a "major victory" in their war against piracy. The Belgian police managed to shut down Razorback2's servers. Razorback2 was considered to be the heart of the Edonkey2000 network, with over a million users.

Traffic Shaping, Good or Bad?

Two months ago we posted a story on the new encryption methods to prevent ISP's like Rogers and Shaw from throttling BitTorrent traffic. The encryption methods seem to work, and the three most popular torrent clients support it.

Coca-Cola Promotes P2P-TV

Coca Cola started a free music TV program called Stageside. The show is completely DRM-free and downloadable through BitTorrent, Gnutella, Ed2K and fasttrack. Island Def Jam R&B star Ne-Yo is the first artist that appears on "Stageside".