Comcast Wrongfully Denies Interfering with BitTorrent

Last week we reported that Comcast is making it impossible for its customers to seed files on BitTorrent. Not surprisingly, Comcast's PR department does all it can to deny there allegations, but we - and with us some of the leading BitTorrent developers - know better.

SuprNova: The Legend Returns Today

The legendary BitTorrent site "SuprNova" will return today, courtesy of The Pirate Bay. Not surprisingly, the new and improved SuprNova has a special message to the copyright police: "You are the past and the forgotten, we are the Internet and the future".

Franz Ferdinand Encourage Fans to Pirate New Track

Franz Ferdinand have talked about downloading and piracy in the past. They have admitted to illegally copying music and expressed their support for file-sharing. Now they appear to have gone one step further by encouraging fans to pirate their latest track - a cover-version of a David Bowie song.

Police Target ‘Pirate Cinema’ Fuelled by Downloaded Movies

The latest blockbuster movies downloaded via BitTorrent are fuelling a 'Pirate Cinema' with free entry for all. However, as usual, an anti-piracy outfit has other ideas and with help from three police cars filled with officers, managed to detain the organizers and confiscate equipment.

TorrentPod Episode 43

And yet another Podcast from Charlie, late as usual due to some technical problems. Here's TorrentPod episode 43, Enjoy!

Comcast Throttles BitTorrent Traffic, Seeding Impossible

Over the past weeks more and more Comcast users started to notice that their BitTorrent transfers were cut off. Most users report a significant decrease in download speeds, and even worse, they are unable to seed their downloads. A nightmare for people who want to keep up a positive ratio…