uTorrent 1.7 Stable Finally Released

After months of hard work and nearly half a year after the release of their previous stable release uTorrent 1.7 finally sees the light. uTorrent 1.7 comes with several new features and some essential changes and big fixes.

Media Defender Buys P2P.net: Preparing for their Next Scam?

The infamous anti-piracy organization Media Defender recently bought the P2P.net domain. Currently P2P.net redirects to Google and at this point it is still unclear what their plans are for the domain. However, it is likely that they will use it for one of their pirate traps such a the fake…

Faster BitTorrent with New Opera Browser Build

Back in 2006, Opera Software announced that it had teamed up with BitTorrent Inc to include support for the BitTorrent protocol in its popular browser. With their latest build, users can expect greater performance and stability.

3rd Annual Fair Use Day Arrives

The 3rd annual Fair Use Day Is about to start, July 11 to be exact. A day to celebrate and learn about things is not new. There are similar days and even months for everything from "black history" to trees and even talking like a pirate, but it is not…

The Pirate Bay Interview (Video)

The BitLord show released a special episode in which they interview with Brokep from The Pirate Bay. Brokep talks about TPB's contribution to the BitTorrent scene, their secret upcoming project, the new anonymous P2P protocol they are working on and much more.

uTorrent Mac vs. Azureus Mac

uTorrent will be available on the Mac very soon and two weeks ago we wrote an early review. Today we read that anonymous statistics show that uTorrent will be twice as fast as Azureus, but is this really the case?

Anti-DRM T-Shirt Design Contest: The Winners are…

DRM is doomed to fail. Unfortunately, the majority of the movie companies and record labels still think it's the best way to "protect" their media. By wearing these shirts you can show them it's not and that it only hinders honest customers.