BitTorrent Friendly Bandwidth Throttler?

NetEqualizer must have noticed the attention Netenforcer received last week, after they claimed to be the first to throttle encrypted BitTorrent traffic. In a press release they now claim this title, but it looks like a cheap marketing stunt to me.

uTorrent portable

A portable version of uTorrent may come in handy when you're with friends, at school, or at work. It will fit perfectly on every usb-stick, Ipod, mobile phone, or any other device that is recognized a "removable disk".

Why BitTorrent Works

BitTorrent is often referred to as the best filesharing protocol for sharing large files. But why? What makes BitTorrent so unique?

Mac BitTorrent Clients Reviewed

The number of user-friendly, appealing BitTorrent clients available for the platform are very few in comparison to the number of those available for Windows. In this article we will highlight the most popular Mac BitTorrent applications and compare their features.

BitTorrent Inc expands server park

BitTorrent Inc upgraded their serverpark from 3 server racks to a 600-square- foot server cage, of roughly 28 racks. And it’s only the beginning. The growth is a result of BitTorrent’s deals with companies like Warner, Chinese TV and Movie companies, and other movie companies. BitTorrent is also planning to…

UPC hands over filesharers name to BREIN

The Dutch anti-piracy organization BREIN collected the name of one of the bigger “ulpoaders” at the busted BitTorrent site “dikkedonder”. This is the outcome of a legal struggle between the Dutch ISP UPC and the anti-piracy lobby BREIN. Last week the judge ruled that UPC had to hand over the…

Russia toughens Piracy laws

Amendments, aimed to crack down digital pirates in Russia were taken into effect today. The new additions make it illegal to share copyrighted material online. Until today there was no law in Russia that protected copyright holders from internet piracy. The new law allows sentences up to 5 years in…

BitTorrent Movie Download Chart (wk34)

A little late, but here’s our list of this weeks most popular BitTorrent movie downloads. Ranking Movie Seeds / Peers 1 (1) Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest 50,013 2 (2) Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby 48,725 3 (5) V for Vendetta 48,706 4 (NEW) RV 46,260…