The Human BitTorrent Swarm

Following the forced closure of some of Bulgaria's most loved BitTorrent trackers, the file-sharing peers of Bulgaria have done the thing they do best : they organized a human BitTorrent swarm in Sophia - and hundreds joined it to protest against the government.

Italian P2P Crackdown Looming

After a Court ruled that downloading films, music or software is not criminal if done for no profit, the Italian Vice Prime Minister said that the government will no longer turn a blind eye and declared that there will be a crackdown on sites hosted in the country.

LimeWire Defiant in Face of RIAA Pressure

Despite being ordered to Cease & Desist and then sued by the RIAA, LimeWire is refusing to cave in to industry pressure and is prepared for a long fight. Installed on an amazing one-fifth of desktops worldwide, LimeWire's popularity has never been greater and in their battle against the RIAA,…

Journalists Attacked Reporting on BitTorrent Case

As they stood outside the court waiting for the release of the administrator of Bulgaria's largest BitTorrent site, waiting journalists were kicked and punched, not by some villains - but by official court security guards. Now it's time for the head of court security to face the music.

BitTorrent Inc. to Sell Girls Gone Wild Videos

When Bram Cohen was testing the BitTorrent protocol back in 2002, he used free porn to lure people into using BitTorrent. Five years later BitTorrent turned into a commercial venture, and it now charges their customers for downloading soft-porn clips of drunk teens showing off body parts. Times have changed.

Tracking a BitTorrent Swarm in Google Earth

Do you ever wonder where all the seeds and peers on your torrent come from, and what their houses look like? developed a great tool to visualize a real life BitTorrent swarm in Google Earth.