‘Transformers’ Movie-Cammer Facing Prison

Following the announcement of a fresh anti-piracy drive and new, aggressive legislation, a man has been caught using a camcorder to record the latest 'Transformers' movie and is now facing 6 months in jail and a $5,000 fine.

ISP Forced to Block and Filter Pirated Content on P2P Networks

A court in Belgium ruled that ISPs can be forced, and are obliged to, either block or filter copyright infringing content on P2P networks. Freedom of expression and privacy are not important in this regard. How exactly ISPs are supposed to block and filter copyrighted content remains a mystery.

The Pirate Bay Wants MediaDefender to Walk the Plank to Bankruptcy

The BitTorrent trackers sitting in the depths of The Pirate Bay are there for the benefit of the people, to help them distribute bandwidth intensive media worldwide at no cost. But when anti-piracy companies like Media Defender of MiiVi infamy abuse that service, it's time to bring out the plank.…

Anti-Piracy Gang Launches their own Video Download Site to Trap People

Media Defender, a notorious anti piracy gang working for the MPAA, RIAA and several independent media production companies, just launched their very own video upload service called "miivi.com". The sole purpose of the site is to trap people into uploading copyrighted material, and bust them for doing so.

OiNK.me.uk is Dead, Long Live OiNK.cd

OiNK.me.uk is no more, the end of a legendary domain name was announced today. Due to "legal" issues with their domain registrar the popular private BitTorrent tracker decided to give up their domain name and move to OiNK.cd.

AllOfMP3 Shut Down by Russian Government

AllOfMp3, the popular online music store, has been shut down by the Russian government. Pressure from the United States, and a refusal to enter the World Trade Organisation (WTO) convinced the Kremlin to take the website down for good.