Ares Includes BitTorrent Support

First Limewire integrated BitTorrent, now Ares has also updated its P2P client to support BitTorrent downloads. It's all still very basic, but it's good to see that more and more P2P clients are starting to support BitTorrent.

LimeWire to filter out Adobe products

LimeWire today announced on the company blog that from now on they will be filtering out Adobe products like Photoshop that are distributed illegally over P2P networks that LimeWire hooks into.

Vista RTM Leaked on BitTorrent

Not a big surprise perhaps, but Microsoft's Windows Vista RTM has been leaked on BitTorrent and several other P2P networks. The Vista RTM (Build 6000) is the result of a rather lengthy development process.

RIAA’s outrageous fines questioned in court

Earlier this year, a victim of a RIAA lawsuit questioned how constitutional the organisation's $750 per-song-uploaded claim was. A judge has now ruled that this is worth looking into and will be included in the case.