Encrypting BitTorrent to take out traffic shapers

Over the past months more BitTorrent users noticed that their ISP is killing all BitTorrent traffic . ISP's like Rogers are using bit-shaping applications to throttle the traffic that is generated by BitTorrent. But, at the same time two of the most popular BitTorrent clients are working together to implement…

Speed up your torrents II

BitTorrent is the best tool for sharing files but you need to configure your client and your network the right way to get the best out of it. I will list some tips, tricks and guidelines in addition to the "speed up your torrents" and the "speed up bitcomet and…


Through year and day donating is intertwined with the torrent community. Torrent sites tend to consume a lot of bandwidth, and bandwdith costs money so someone has to pay. But should we donate? and to which site?

Pirate shop

The Piratebay just opened their "pirate shop". The pirate shop has shirts, scarves clocks and other pirate themed stuff available for the hardcore pirates among us.

uTorrent skins

uTorrent recently updated their website. The look is slightly different and they added a skin section for those people who want to customize uTorrent. And for the rss-freaks there’s an extensive rss-tutorial.

Nasa is using BitTorrent for their “visible earth”project

Nasa is using BitTorrent for a while now. Recently however, they started a new project called “visible earth”. This massive image library offers several high quality pictures, and NASA is using BitTorrent to distribute these images. So if you ever wanted to download a 2.9GB pic, here’s your chance.

Release groups got busted

Some big players in "the scene" have been eliminated yesterday during a big raid coordinated by a German anti-piracy federation (GVU). The raids took place in Germany, Holland, Poland, Austria and the Czech Republic.