The Mosts Popular DVDrips on BitTorrent

We have decided to publish a weekly DVDrip chart here on TorrentFreak. The "BitTorrent DVDrip top 10" will replace the "BitTorrent movie download chart," and will be published on a weekly basis. The chart will only list DVDrips, no DVDscreeners and no Cams.

BitTorrent Inc Buys uTorrent

BitTorrent Inc just announced that it has acquired the popular BitTorrent client, uTorrent. uTorrent will continue to have its own website and community for now, and the uTorrent code base will remain closed source. Ludvig Strigeus, the writer of uTorrent will serve as a technical consultant, but BitTorrent Inc will…

PirateBay Servers Still Remain in Custody

When the popular BitTorrent tracker the PirateBay was raided in May, the police confiscated 180 servers of TPB's hosting company PRQ. The Swedish authorities have now decided that the servers of TPB, and those of other customers unrelated to the BitTorrent tracker, will remain in custody.

MPAA Shows Off Anti-Piracy Dogs in Dubai

The MPAA demonstrated one of its latest anti-piracy tools to their Arab colleagues in Dubai: Two black Labradors named Lucky and Flo. A "highly effective" tool in the "war against piracy" according to the MPAA.

Movie Pirate Jailed for Seven Years

Johnny Ray Gasca, a resident of Hollywood, has been sentenced to seven years in jail for recording a film with his camcorder in a local cinema. Gasca is the first to be convicted in a nationwide campaign against movie piracy.

BitTorrent Video Store to be Infected with Windows DRM

Bram Cohen has confirmed in an interview that content on the upcoming BitTorrent Video Store is going to be loaded with Windows DRM, which means restrictions for all and Mac & Linux users are going to be left out in the cold. What fun!