5 useful firefox extensions for torrent freaks

Firefox is a great torrent browser. But you have to extend firefox a little to get the best out of it. Here a some extensions I found useful, they make browsing and searching torrents even more fun.

Keep the bad guys out

Do you hate the MPAA / RIAA and other company's that spy on your download behavior? Are you tired downloading fake chunks of a file? Then it's probably wise to cover your arse by installing peerguardian or protowall. This will keep (most of the) the bad guys out.

Free software .torrent

SoftwareFor.org just released a new version of their free software package "Software for Starving Students". This CD comes with a lot of free software and a "user friendly installer". Always nice to have around.

BitTorrent 2005 part 7, Advancing

So where do we go from here? What's the next step, what's hot and what will 2006 bring to the BitTorrent community? More rss? AJAX? a little more web 2.0? Great Design?

And the winner is: Torrentspy

Based on Alexa's traffic ratings torrentspy.com is the most popular torrent site of 2005. Torrentspy caught up with isohunt.com and torrentreactor.net around April.

BitTorrent 2005 part 6, Torrent Clients

Two thing that shook up the BitTorrent community in 2005 (clientwise). First the intoduction of so called "trackerless torrents". Second: uTorrent, a lightweight torrent client with a lot of features.